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  1. A20 enable some more GFX features by default. It may be that one of those trigger the issue. I'd suggest to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, which is the current LTS version and has many updates and fixes. EDIT: if you cannot upgrade, try disabling some setting starting with preferglsl=false.
  2. If you like to see, the wiki has a page with the voice list: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List
  3. Italy has very few natural resources, I remember my teacher repeating that when I was a kid Really, it has very few of them, at least actually, and probably also 2K years ago (in the meaning that most resources have to be / are cheaper to be imported rather than gathering them).
  4. No errors on A20, indeed! Nice work!
  5. @niektb : most issues are fixed now, thanks :). Here are the remaining errors: I am on SVN indeed, but are there already some incompatible changes vs A20? EDIT: will try and report with A20.
  6. Nice update, there are also some new menu background images I didn’t remember before! There are a lot of errors and warnings however: Also you may want to update the download link on the first post, still pointing to an old revision.
  7. 1) With current config do the textures load completely after some time? 2) you then may want to create a local.cfg (see here) and add this line: nos3tc = true This should make textures appears, but will require more video RAM. Is it any better anyway? 3) Also try with: renderpath = fixed Is it better? Note: please use spoiler tag when pasting long text.
  8. Which driver are you using? VC4 or llvmpipe/softpipe? Attach the file system_info.txt you found under ~/.config/0ad/ . The textures never load completely?
  9. Try recompiling with -j1, it may be the compiler crash is due to low memory on the rpi.
  10. Graphics quality is currently not autodetected and it is always set to low by default. Some work is needed before adding autodetection, i.e. adding on the fly change, see ticket #3737. If you are curious you can see how autodetection works here. EDIT: Only the "graphics quality" option is not set to high based on detected hardware. Most of everything else it is, including GLSL, postprocessing, smooth los, water effects and shadows. I.e. if you have a high end gpu everything except "graphics quality" in a20 is set to max quality.
  11. Make sure to update your graphics drivers. If the problem persist, please add a screenshot and your system_info.txt (see GameDataPaths).
  12. There is a ticket for Android support, which also add support for other texture compression format: #2996. Someone should rework it, adding some format supported by vc4 or using uncompressed, scaled down texture where not supported (alpha images).
  13. aeonios, it's looking good, you should read this for submitting patches: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches You may also want to explain why you left some commented code rather than removing it.
  14. Was that ever committed in 0 A.D.? I don't remember seeing it merged.
  15. This Wikipedia page may be of help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries%27_copyright_lengths (sorry for another post, but editing doesn't work on my tablet)
  16. I think Tolkien stuff is still copyrighted. Conan Doyle books are just out of copyright these years (copyright looks a bit complex, but it should expire about 70 years after author death), and Sherlock Holmes can be freely used. So I think you cannot legally use Tolkien specific places, names and so on. But I think you can freely replace some names with generic ones, e.g. rather than Uruk-hai just use Orc. Looks for example Wesnoth game, it uses Tolkien-like factions, but with different names. This is just my interpretations, don't take it for sure :).
  17. Fixed shaders and non-GLSL path IIRC are required when on OpenGL < 2, which is about ~5% users (probably this number is even lower now), which is not a lot, and could eventually be dropped if needed, as already discussed in the past here. There are however ~20% user with OpenGL 2.x, so probably not worth dropping it. I would suggest to start proposing some small and incremental changes before doing big rewriting, just to get in taste with 0 A.D. development.
  18. Hi, just some notes. For reference Yves OpenGL 4 branch is here https://github.com/Yves-G/0ad/commits/OGL4 and OpenGL 4 is intented to be optional IIRC. Here are some stats about gfx features available at our users: http://feedback.wildfiregames.com/report/opengl/ . Before adding features it is a good idea to check here how many users we could left. Sky rendering is useful for cut scenes, just landed in current svn and will appear in a20, have a look at this example
  19. It will also need a special rule for wildfiregames.com domain, someone should submit it to the EFF! And the web server should also set HTTP Strict Transport Security. It is really simple to set up and together with http->https rewrite the proper thing to do when you want to serve your domain only with https.
  20. I also had this, and it improved when accessing through https only (need to update bookmarks...).
  21. The web server should rewrite http URLs into https. This is apparently done by the forum, but this is not enough and causes some issues, e.g. the meetinglogs dir but also some links on the forum sometime wrongly behave.
  22. I also have some emoticons missing, tested on all combinations Android 6 / 4.4 + chrome / firefox. Screenshot:
  23. Most interesting changes are cinematic camera and performance improvements, there are also a lot of other improvements and bug fixes. You can try yourself the developing version following instructions here, or following changes here.
  24. You can lower the difficulty level, this will limits the AI aggresssivity and to some extent also the number or CC built, especially near your base.
  25. The list is here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List
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