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  1. Good point. I believe this is because some of the database tables are out of whack, which will hopefully be fixed soon - Tim or Jason can say for sure.
  2. Here's some reviews: http://www.resellerratings.com/seller2107.html It seems that some people are 'very satisfied' with them and others 'very dissatisfied'. Dunno why
  3. Probably so I see one peer with the hostname domain 'ntl.com', which I *believe* is your ISP's domain?
  4. Me too - downloading via the NASA BitTorrent tracker
  5. Howdy! Welcome to the community >> i first heard of this game from http://ron.heavengames.com From the forums, I presume? 1. That's unsure at this point. We're hoping it will fit on a standard data CD (~700MB) - we'll see 2. That's also unsure. We are shooting for both compatibility with older hardware as well as extended functionality (read: pretty graphical effects) on newer hardware. 3. To the best of my knowledge, yes. 4. We'll see 5. Someone else will have to answer this one as I'm not quite sure myself. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Hmm - is it possible that some member entries are still 'out of whack'? See here -> http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showuser=788 (user 'Viveka Amaligg')
  7. Huh? *is confused* Awesome If I ever get a pilot's license and a plane, I'll have to pay you a visit!
  8. I've been loving Google Maps as well Great resolution over larger cities. You have a private airstrip, Paul? (!)
  9. You sure you aren't off by a factor of ten or more?
  10. My feelings exactly I'd love to meet every single active forumer...
  11. Johnny Depp lives in France? Oh yes, I may remember hearing/reading something about that a while back...
  12. I'd really like to meet Ken, Jason, Stuart, Paul, Boris, and then everyone else, roughly in that order
  13. Hmm - your image links aren't working for me. It insists on taking me back to the ImageShack home page.
  14. How about GAIM with an MSN plugin? I view Spring Break (and all other holidays/breaks) a lot differently than most people - instead of "hey, I get a break from work", I think "yay! I can get a bunch of work done!"
  15. I went in search of a lo-fi IPB skin for v2.0 a while back, and found one, but when I last checked it wasn't fully finished. I'll see if I can find it again. Edit: not quite a full 'lo-fi' mode, but certainly lighter on bandwidth - http://forums.invisionize.com/index.php?showtopic=59385
  16. LOL! Our cat will attempt to get into any type of box (usually cardboard) if we leave it out on the floor - even if the box is waaay smaller than she is.
  17. IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN MARRIED Name: Nathanael Barbettini Location: United States 1.) Do you plan on getting married? Yes. 2.) About what age do you plan to get married? Late twenties, or later - whenever God brings the right person into my life. No sense in rushing the whole thing; I want to make sure I'm all set (financially, etc.) before I marry. 3.) What are the motives that you want to get married for? Because marriage is something God created, and because I have such an awesome example of marriage (see below). 4.) Have you had positive or negative experiences with marriage? I've had very
  18. Crazy indeed Sometimes it's hilarious just watching where our cat tries to go and what places she tries to squeeze into.
  19. Wow, congratulations Jordan! That's certainly an accomplishment.
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