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  1. Glad you had a great time - happy (belated) birthday!
  2. See any problems with the new forum upgrade? Report them here. (... aha, that's one: the "thumbs-up" emoticon doesn't work) Current TODO: Missing emoticons Re-apply colored names mod Fix some group icons
  3. For my computer, I'm using some cheap-ish RadioShack headphones that have been stepped on and cracked numerous times. They still work, for the most part. I'm planning on getting some real quality headphones sometime, but I don't quite have (enough of) a glaring need yet.
  4. Ah, sorry for the 'air of secrecy'; didn't mean to come across like that. Another mod gave Uppy a warning point for a spammish message. She explained to me that it was a friend of hers that posted it, without her knowledge, so I removed the warning.
  5. Welcome to WFG, Tiago! Hope you enjoy our community. I think historical reenactment is *really* neat, though I've never done any myself.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if I'm out-of-the-ordinary because I frankly don't care much what I drive I may have dream computers, but not much in the way of a dream car. Sure, I wouldn't mind driving something that looked nice (or 1337), but I'd also be perfectly happy with a generic white "thing with wheels". Now, it's a different story entirely if you throw the science factor in, however: make it a hybrid or something that runs on hydrogen or ethanol (hmm, or maybe helium-3?), and I'll listen a bit longer.
  7. Yes, that's the one. BBCode *is* inherently more secure than blacklisted HTML, as you said (great point).
  8. I go for a brisk walk in the morning around the neighborhood (partly to wake up). That's about it as far as regular exercise goes, but there's always random activities as well.
  9. Yeah, it did make sense, and I totally agree with you here. I think culture is hyper-obsessed with looks or appearance, instead of what really matters - the heart. I'd rather have nice, friendly people for friends than some racy model. Back on the subject of myspace.com, I've seen a lot of stuff about MySpace security issues recently - apparently, some clever people have been able to hack the site to add millions of friends, or something similar. Not very secure code, perhaps?
  10. Nope, but I keep hearing about it. I take it it's just another blogging/personal-space site?
  11. Yeah, I have a feeling eBay has mass-registered a Google ad for every possible word in the dictionary that could be a product or thing. (New meaning to the phrase "dictionary search"?) I've noticed some goofy things (albeit not as goofy as 'black hole'). Especially stuff with bad grammar: for example, a search for "Intel DVX2934A" might result in an ad saying "Buy Intel, Intel network on eBay!" (Yeah, I made that product number up...)
  12. Just listened to your podcast - nice. The background music is somewhat distracting, as is the "uh, ah, err". Aside from my obligatory constructive criticism, I'd say it's a great first start. Oddly enough, I liked your voice... I agree that Americans find the British accent interesting. I'd say it sounds very 'refined' to us. (I've always wondered what the American accent sounds like to Brits)
  13. Howdy, Jon! Welcome to the boards. Glad to see that you've already become involved with the TLA team - congrats (and, have fun!).
  14. Welcome to the boards! Do you have any programming experience? If so, what languages? I'm a VB programmer, and am learning PHP little by little.
  15. Howdy, Mike, glad you stopped by. Have a good time on our boards.
  16. I'd probably say that I generally look at someone's face/head first as well.
  17. Howdy back, riothamus! Glad you found your way to our community. Have fun!
  18. Howdy Matt, welcome to the forums! Glad you decided to introduce yourself
  19. Welcome to WFG, Bryan! I hope you have a good time on our community.
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