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  1. Woot! My boss is handy with the whip... (Besides WFG, I'm unemployed my most standards. On a related note, I've seen some Christian bumper stickers that say "My boss is a Jewish carpenter" - thought that was clever )
  2. Welcome, Ephestion! From the screenshots, it appears that you are (were) developing RuneSword II in Visual Basic? I hope you have a good time browsing our forums
  3. Howdy, Staffy. I played the AOE3 demo a bit - certainly different from the previous ES games, but I like it.
  4. Hello, Mars-ling Do you have any examples of music you've done in the past? I'd love to give it a listen.
  5. Howdy back, Dan! It's great to see more people becoming interested in the project. Have a good time browsing our forums!
  6. There already are pseudo-3D videos -- Spy Kids 3D, The Polar Express, and various IMAX "In 3D!!111" specials. The former was shot with two seperate cameras (at slightly different points of view), combined to create a stereo image in post-production, if I remember correctly.
  7. Great site. I've been meaning to find/create something like that for a while! I'm the guy in the cowboy hat, though I rarely wear such apparel.
  8. I agree. I've frequently needed to search for a three-character phrase, so this would be nice to have.
  9. Welcome! I hope you enjoy browsing our community
  10. Yeah, plus they are usually impelemented in Java, and are clunky or make the page take forever to load.
  11. Yep Almost every time I use the Quick Edit box, I end up scrolling the page (because pressing Space when focused on a link scrolls the page down, at least in FF).
  12. 4Gb/s throughput?! Are you sure you didn't mean you get 4GB per day as a limit?
  13. I guess I'm a little late, but welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy interacting with our community.
  14. Howdy Matt, glad you could stop by and look at our progress.
  15. Welcome to the community, Manuel! As you've already seen, we like to make our newcomers feel quite welcome.
  16. One small feature/fix I've been wanting to mention for a while was fixing the tab order on certain forms. I use the keyboard as much as possible, so I like to type a message, press Tab to move the focus to the "Post" or "Add Reply" button, and hit Space to click the button. (Much faster than clicking with the mouse ) This works on almost all forms. The reputation form is one where it doesn't work: I've also noticed that if one opens the Quick Reply box on a page, then tries to use the Fast Reply box to type out a reply, pressing Tab moves the focus to the button on the Quick Reply box (instead of the Fast Reply box). EDIT: Odd... BBCode seems to be temporarily disabled. Mark that for another suggestion
  17. (Methinks this is better placed in GC ) Have a good time in AK! You say you're on a 300k connection - does that mean 300KB/s (2400kb/s) or 37KB/s (300kb/s)? Just curious
  18. The "Link to this page" link on the right should get what you an exact link.
  19. You're pretty close According to Wikipedia, Vulcan was believed to be a small planet orbiting between Mercury and the Sun. Semi-OT: It's struck me as humorous that it's likely more technology, theories, ideas, etc. have been developed based on things that were in episodes of Star Trek than anything else.
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