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  1. asterix

    Portraits for Heroes

    @dmzerocold do you have any comment on this? Well that portrait can be not just portrait or icon but if you make it into layers it could be main menu background as well. (when you get to first screen when you start 0AD) BTW very nice portrait. @stanislas69 I believe also Kushites do not have portraits. Sorry just noticed that they are also in your list. @dMAthena Also if you would like after you finish these for 0AD you could also take a look at heroes in our mods Terra Magna, Millennium AD and so on.
  2. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    yes, it is the same bug but not odd since during the development there were some movements in art repository in vanilla 0ad and in mods it was overlooked so it ended up in most of the mods maintained by Council of Modders.
  3. asterix

    State of the game?

    @Lion.Kanzen @Sundiata @Genava55 already did some research in other threads.
  4. asterix

    Donations via Liberapay

    @Itms @feneur @Jeru
  5. asterix

    Alpha 24 name suggestions

    I am for Xeres.
  6. asterix

    State of the game?

    hm... https://github.com/0ADMods/thracians look below into comments
  7. asterix

    Free Games and Offers

    vote for your free game 19 hours remaining https://www.gog.com/10years
  8. asterix

    Free Games and Offers

    free for 24 hours https://store.steampowered.com/app/491950/Orwell_Keeping_an_Eye_On_You/
  9. asterix

    Aplication for programing

    Glad you could help (just ask if you want some help) here are simple tickets for starters https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=!closed&keywords=~simple
  10. asterix

    Outdated wiki page

    https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ I am currently maintaining it and updating it but not your counterpart even though I know about it http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/Britons
  11. asterix

    Unit abilities

    do not forget about https://code.wildfiregames.com/D337 and https://code.wildfiregames.com/D281
  12. asterix

    Hyrule Conquest

  13. that is true that it is dead but even if nobody exists that can speak that language we have written scripts and sometimes even whole phonetic (pronunciations) studies from universities how it was pronounced so we almost always work with languages that are dead so we pronounce as it might have been pronounced.
  14. It is like this, even though transifex supports Asian and other languages (scripts, fonts) the core of 0ad does not, so every time you see in trac timeline automatic build of po and pot files of those currently almost 100 percent complete translations that are updated from transifex, it downloads only those compatible and pre-selected. So right now if you want to see your translations in 0ad you would have to look at e.g. Chinese or Japanese mods and do the same thing. To resolve this situation we would need to bundle 0ad with e.g. Pango library or other font library and make use of it as it was done in Gimp or create a support within 0ad to read and edit such fonts. @elexis @vladislavbelov