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  1. Buildbot for Atlas I believe is broken because there is also problem with animations not playing and it has something to do with build process.
  2. @elexis @vladislavbelov @wraitii
  3. @The Undying Nephalim might want to take a look for Hyrule Conquest as for other mods the more options, the better (more useful) it will be. By the way, thank you for your hard work, I am definitely interested in what are you doing.
  4. If i remember corectly this is still issue in Millennium AD.
  5. @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Exodarion @darkinterloper @borg- @wackyserious @Angen @Alexandermb @LordGood
  6. Hi and welcome to forums, you would need basically three to four accounts (one here(forum for contacting modders and feedback), the other one on https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki (because of bugs and documentation), one here https://code.wildfiregames.com/feed/query/all/ (review system) and this is optional might aso look here https://github.com/0ADMods plus visit dev irc http://irclogs.wildfiregames.com/2019-08/.
  7. Thank you for your interest do not forget to look at this series
  8. Well we already have some mods that try to do just that if search through forums.
  9. https://github.com/0ADMods/judeans this is trickier bits are done for Xiongnu and Scythians. (already unfinished available in mod Terra Magna)
  10. @Alexandermb also check for more obvious missing art and bugs discovered by youtubers (if you do not want to watch them read @wackyserious notes) https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15271-0-ad-on-youtube/page/70/
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