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  1. asterix

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    you can put it in the zip file as an attachment here or over the forum pm to stan
  2. That is a good attitude this way next time you come across a crowd of people you will be more confident and prepared, do not forget that we are constantly learning.
  3. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    yes, those bugs are known about the other things we put there what we had in our art database at that time because the development of Terra Magna was done in parallel with alpha 0.23 development (some of those things already should be fixed). In our art department, we had quite a bit of trouble finding detailed references for Xiongnu for more information look at the topic about them. By the way, very nice inspiring ideas, just do not expect it to be done immediately, some of those things would require a lot of time to make and research since we have to look at multiple sources in multiple languages.
  4. asterix

    2522: Warhammer [Overhaul mod]

    Nice project, good to know ( I hope there will be no copyright issues with Games Workshop), maybe I will visit later on.
  5. asterix

    Help with Atlas Map Editor

  6. asterix

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    yes, but it is not in working state as I remember stan wanted to work on it later on.
  7. asterix

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    @borg- very nice analysis
  8. https://gra.mirror.cyberbits.eu/fosdem/2019/H.2215/0ad_rts.mp4 and https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/0ad_graphics/ there is still no video of him @Itms @vladislavbelov
  9. asterix

    Reference Material - Kushites

    @Sundiata @balduin
  10. asterix

    Modding on Linux Ubuntu

    welcome also do not forget to look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Modding_Guide and https://github.com/0ADMods for its usual structure
  11. @stanislas69 @LordGood @wackyserious @Rolf Dew guys, do you know about this? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316911428&searchtext=
  12. asterix

    Hyrule Conquest

    @Exodarion download it from moddb page and try to run it with wine or playonlinux, then everything that the installer installs copy it to another folder for later use.
  13. lack of manpower, sometimes everyone has a different idea on how to implement it so are stuck in reviewing phase.... many factors.
  14. asterix

    Help for a begginer

  15. asterix

    0 A.D. on YouTube