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  1. asterix

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    yes, you are but if you ever want to release your mod you would need those accesses.
  2. asterix

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    This privilege has only Itms globally if I remember correctly.
  3. asterix

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    I have full rights on mod.io but not on moddb page since i am part of the CoM team there just month or so.
  4. asterix

    I found 19 simple issues in C++ code

    @elexis @vladislavbelov
  5. asterix

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    @Trinketos if you want I can help you with your mod such as could create necessary documents (Announcement, changelog, screenshots, mod.io page, moddb not since I do not have full rights there yet and so on, technically I could help you such as testing and compatibility not artistically though.
  6. asterix

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    @stanislas69 @wackyserious @Alexandermb nice feedback for balance purposes and creating tickets.
  7. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone also if you do not know it already about Thracians we have this https://github.com/0ADMods/thracians
  8. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    I would like to see that this way we would valid reasoning for main developers why to include some of those mechanics btw we would like to help with https://github.com/0ADMods/building-sockets
  9. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    First, we need to finish up Zapotects and Xiongnu then we may work on Thracians and Scythians and meanwhile think about including Thebans and Epirotes from DE. Me too, including them, will make perfect sense. But do you know what it means to you @Sundiata (research)?
  10. asterix

    DE Alpha 24

    indeed and better compression, however, I do not think 7z. or rar. is supported by mod.io
  11. This faction probably no it by design it belongs here https://www.moddb.com/mods/aristeia-civilization-bronze-pack and developed by us here https://github.com/0ADMods/aristeia we welcome any patches or pull requests.
  12. asterix

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    Will you release it on moddb page as well?
  13. asterix

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    I cannot imagine who did that
  14. asterix

    Got Millenium AD to work

    Thank you for your feedback some of the issues are already known, we will look at them next time hopefully.
  15. asterix

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    I see that still there many things to improve, some of those things I already internally discussed with @stanislas69 . Well, technically it could be done but spiritually not because both mods, as mentioned by smiley, are going different ways and depicting different events. About the Xiongnu they are still not complete because some of those missing things could not be found enough evidence to visualize it or some of our artists already wanted to go on vacation so to speak. Thank you for the hints, down the road I may look into it.