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  1. This would be cool to add aka adult baby cries or is on the toilet
  2. Nice that it is in the same style for uniformity will vary it later eg. houses and farmsteads maybe? For corral goats and donkeys or horses could be used as farming animals or for milk or meat via technologies, maybe dried fruit
  3. Well currently @Nescio is working on huge standardisation once 0.24 will come out.
  4. Can you please update the first post too, please?
  5. some other project he is working on among many others such as https://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-galactic-battlegrounds-expanding-fronts too
  6. what @Lion.Kanzen said above plus ai can configured to your liking with
  7. the Byzantines look much better with Reshade
  8. Very much thank you for your hard work hopefully Angen will look at it this indeed will be very useful if you want you can also improve ai with other developers through patches put on phabricator for 0.24 version, it might many times speed up reviewing and inclusion btw some mods such as Hyrule Conquest by @The Undying Nephalim and @Exodarion do their own ai because of specific or unique requirements of those factions. BTW there is also https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2199 . Hope you will stop by IRC channel in 0ad-dev so others can talk to you about future improvemens for AI. Polite ping @Angen @wraitii
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