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  1. @Itms can you please add "L’association L’Informatique Solidaire – Desclicks" To the donor list? I got a request from a donor over email. Thanks!
  2. I have changed the donation page as per @xanax's suggestion. Thanks for this very valuable and constructive feedback! I have also deleted the references to the legacy PayPal account and to Flattr from the donation page, as we have decided to consolidate all the funds into the SPI earmark anyway.
  3. Excellent. Thank you both.
  4. Frankly, as it is, the Flattr money is nearly useless. It's a huge headache to disburse funds from Flattr for any purpose our project would actually need. I hate working with Flattr and I don't want the existing money to be forgotten or otherwise go to waste somehow. I think that if the ~10 monthly donors really want to donate to 0 A.D., they can use the mainstream methods. Flattr has a form where you can fill in bank account details and withdraw all the money in the Flattr "wallet balance". I believe the SPI treasurer could just use that form. If we all agree, I'll write the treasurer and verify this. I don't think Flattr would charge anything, but SPI's bank might. Still, I think it's worth a one-time commission. That's a good point I hadn't considered (and I was wondering why the balance went down in the legacy account between 2014 and 2015. This explains it). Yeah, they take care of the server. If we all agree, I'll write the treasurer and verify this, but based on our experience with the web server, I think we should be fine.
  5. To make life easier and prevent waste, I would like the Treasury Committee's approval to take the following steps: to consolidate all of the Flattr funds into our SPI funds, to cancel the Flattr account, to ask Jason to consolidate all of the legacy PayPal funds into our SPI funds, and to let Jason know that once the funds are transferred, he can close the legacy account if he wants to. We currently have EUR 805.18 in the Flattr "wallet balance", up from EUR 619.75 in November 2015. I am attaching a month-by-month transaction log of the last year or so. Based on 2014-2015 data, the legacy PayPal account probably has something like USD 300-400. This is money that legally belongs to Jason and he can be taxed for any extra income that goes into the account. @MishFTW and @feneur, what say you?
  6. I have changed the donation page. The edgy Network for Good thingo is gone and a nice standard PayPal button has replaced it. It is also at the top of the page. I would like the Treasury Committee's approval to consolidate all of the Flattr funds and all of the legacy PayPal funds into our SPI funds and to cancel the Flattr account. I'll conduct that discussion in a separate thread.
  7. Here are two anonymized e-mails that I have received with name suggestions for Alpha 22: #1 #2 You are all invited to write your thoughts about these suggestions and to suggest other names as well!
  8. Thanks for your suggestions, xanax. We now have access to a direct PayPal link for donating directly to 0 A.D through SPI (see here). I will make that the top way of donating, instead of Network for Good. Click&Pledge will probably remain and be demoted to the "second-best" way to donate. I also would like to get rid of the donations links to Flattr and the legacy PayPal account entirely because they're both a hassle to work with. Last but not least, I want to write another financial report but I'm having trouble finding the time to do it I'll do it by December 15.
  9. I suggest this classification: <content_rating type="oars-1.0"> <content_attribute id="violence-cartoon">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="violence-fantasy">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="violence-realistic">intense</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="violence-bloodshed">moderate</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="violence-sexual">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="drugs-alcohol">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="drugs-narcotics">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="drugs-tobacco">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="sex-nudity">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="sex-themes">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="language-profanity">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="language-humor">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="language-discrimination">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="social-chat">intense</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="social-info">intense</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="social-audio">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="social-location">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="social-contacts">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="money-purchasing">none</content_attribute> <content_attribute id="money-gambling">none</content_attribute> </content_rating>
  10. Richard Hughes writes (probably with respect to the "GNOME Software Center"): The URL provided doesn't work for me right now but this does: . Let's add this, shall we?
  11. Thanks, everyone, the talk went really well thanks to your input!
  12. Cool. I will of course write how it went. Sorry, nope. (And it will be in Hebrew anyway.)
  13. @sphyrth, October 20th, why do you ask?