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  1. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    It wasn't part of the commit process in the past, but I guess that changed at some point. Glad to hear that it's officially part of the process now.
  2. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    @Alexandermb Can we backup those Blender files to the art repo when you are finished? Having the original blender files is really nice. (Collada loses some information I think.)
  3. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    Wow, very nice work! I think ships should generally be smaller (and wider) if we want them to function like they did in AoE 2 where they mainly shot arrows. Right now our ships are just like our siege towers (that have fallen over into the water) and shoot arrows based on garrisoned troops. However, I think large ships could potentially be better, but that would require some gameplay changes. I would treat ships more like movable structures and give them build limits to prevent the AI (and players) from completely clogging the map. Another benefit of treating them like structures is that it allows for other types of gameplay such as boarding, etc. I tested code awhile back to allow sunken ships to stay on the bottom and then slowly sink through the seabed, but it never looked right with a perfectly intact mast and sail halfway sticking out of the water. I'm hoping that these new designs give more flexibility for part separation / animation. That will also allow them to break up when ramming is implemented.
  4. WhiteTreePaladin

    Frozen development

    That's true. Setting up PCI pass-through isn't all that easy and requires motherboard and processor support. Without that, graphics performance would probably be awful.
  5. WhiteTreePaladin

    Frozen development

    Not really. We usually know most of it but there isn't someone that knows everything. We are not tracking our team members. So some people might go AWOL and that's fine. We have an Absence thread but not everyone think to use it, nor has the time to. We all have external life constraints. Yeah, I think most of the devs are aware of what's going on in general. Sure, it's possible someone that hasn't been as active is working quietly on something, but that's less common and not really a problem anyway. I know that before I officially joined, I savoured every bit of news released hoping that the project wouldn't be cancelled. Right after I joined (a decade ago) there was talk of ending the project do to lack of developers. (Talk about discouraging!) Extended discussion ultimately lead to the open source release. To ensure success as an open source project, Philip rewrote the entire (rather unmanageable) simulation from scratch which resulted in the nice component system we have now. He also added the original AI (as it wasn't really a playable game at that time). All of this took awhile because he was the only one really available to work on it. While development has ups and downs, we're in a better overall situation now than we were back then because we have a fully playable, open-source game, and more developers. Once this next release is complete with much of the GDPR stuff, I think more visible progress will start to be made. (The holiday season may interfere somewhat, but that's not really a bad thing. )
  6. WhiteTreePaladin


    We're not some faceless organization... right? ("Make dude" and "Make random dude" should be used as cheat codes somewhere.) Isn't having to pay taxes on income better than the alternative? [Edit] removing extra words.
  7. WhiteTreePaladin

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Performance. If you increase that, then most people's computers will start measuring frames per minute rather than per second. It mostly related to pathfinding performance, which is a hard problem to solve.
  8. WhiteTreePaladin

    The Flood Myth

    To be fair, a hard stop doesn't really change much there. If anything, it seems to remove Gen. 2:4 from the first narrative and place it exclusively as the start of the second: "This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made earth and heaven." Adding punctuation does require interpretation as do all aspects of translating. Even disregarding punctuation, it's not really possible to read a direct transliteration of ancient texts to English. In these translations, sometimes several English sentences are generated from only a few ancient words. The first narrative focuses on the overall creation and covers the cosmos (mostly from an earth based perspective, I think), the earth, and lastly, mankind. The second narrative narrows the focus to mankind, and provides details about his habitat (the Garden of Eden), establishes the Tree of Life, etc. The remainder of the book is based on this part, so it's essential for the story to continue. However, if you omit the first narrative, you lose the big picture of God performing the overall creation, and instead start by focusing on mankind. There would not be any mention of the order of when things were created or even the concept of units of time (day, week, etc.) There also wouldn't be any information about anything not on the earth, and most plant and land animal details would be lacking (with water creatures completely absent). To me this points to both parts being essential, with the second part naturally following the first in order to elaborate on mankind and setup the rest of the story. I'll admit that it's possible not all writers valued consistent and complete coverage the way I do though. That makes more sense. I thought you were claiming that they took two versions and manually mashed them together.
  9. WhiteTreePaladin

    The Flood Myth

    There are two "narratives" that some may interpret as two separate accounts. If they are separate accounts, they are rather complementary. The first narrative covers the overall creation and provides a timeline. It mentions each element of creation and states that each is good. At the end, mankind is created as both male and female; it then states that this is "very" good rather than just good. Considering that the creation of mankind was considered "very" good, the second narrative provides a follow-up and focuses on this in detail. The ordering in this section is less consequential because everything is related to humans, and no attempt is made to provide a chronology like the first section. Here things are introduced when it is convenient to bring them up in relation to the main topic, the creation of man. Except for the portion that provides extensive landmarks for location of the Garden of Eden, it's difficult to read more than a sentence here without the word "man" appearing. There are a few sentences about plants which are presumably included to introduce the Garden of Eden as a habitat for humans. There is also a very small part on animals which was included to show that there was no mate available for Adam. This led to the creation of woman which completed the creation of mankind. The first narrative could be seen as independent, but the second narrative would be rather incomplete as a full creation story. There are no references to the creation of light, darkness, celestial bodies, or even the creation of the earth itself.* Plant and animal details are sparse. There is no mention of the sky (except to say that rain had not been invented yet), or any water creatures. (The lack of sky or water in the discussion is likely due to humans being land dwellers.) The second narrative's major omissions lead me to think that it was intended as an addition to the first part rather than a separate, standalone account. *The beginning of Genesis 2 can easily be seen as a continuation of the first narrative. It can be difficult to determine where the second narrative actually begins as the first flows so gradually into the second. In Genesis 2:4 there is part of a sentence that mentions the creation of the heavens and earth, but it is either the conclusion of the first narrative or a reference back to it due to the wording: "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens,..."
  10. WhiteTreePaladin

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Probably not a bad idea - at least some precision should be set. Trees are an issue. Will probably take quite a bit of effort to fix that. (The pathfinder is being worked on.) The only "solution" for now is to chose maps that either don't have as many trees, or have trees in dense clumps so that the pathfinder doesn't get confused. (Should greatly help with performance too.) The door is fine, but the door opening has slanted walls, so it looks like it is a result of texture stretching. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not because the base of the tower also has slanted walls, but it does look a bit odd.
  11. WhiteTreePaladin

    The Flood Myth

    You obviously did some research on this, and it is possible that the section in question could be the result of two merged accounts. However, I don't feel the particular points you listed provide compelling support for that. We often follow a summary account with a more detailed account, so I think that's not necessarily that odd in itself. I'm especially not surprised that some in Medieval times had unusual alternate explanations for things. (Actually, that's still common today.) Because the emphasis is on "clean" animals which is such a big topic in other passages, this most certainly meant both, not one or the other. If these were the result of two merged accounts, then one account would not preserve most animals (unclean) from the flooding. Also, it later states (Gen 8:20) that there were animal sacrifices made right after the flood, so there had to be some additional (clean) animals available for that purpose (or they would be killing off the last two of a particular animal). It mentions forty days of active flooding (ark was lifted up) and 150 days of water retention. I guess the 150 days is supposed to include the flooding and receding. The idea seems consistent enough with one account. It's implied that the raven never returned, so instead a dove was sent weekly until the dove returned with a branch indicating land was found. The last time the dove was sent it didn't return either. The three times is probably supposed to be symbolic. The raven vs. dove was probably included to provide a comparison (like goat vs. sheep, etc.) [Edit] fixed grammar
  12. WhiteTreePaladin

    Some new player questions

    1. You only get loot when an enemy unit / structure is destroyed. 2. When a structure has been weakened to a certain threshold, all units inside will automatically be ungarrisoned. More units inside of a building make it more difficult to capture, so if you want to capture a strong building (like a fortress), it is best to weaken the structure to force the automatic ungarrisoning. You can then attempt to capture it. Holding the CTRL key down while right clicking to attack will change the cursor to the attack cursor and let you choose to attack and weaken it first. 3. I believe the bonus (3x, etc.) only applies to attack. 4. There may be basic units that appear to be shared, but each civilisation's citizen soldiers can differ in more then just name and appearance. Not sure about the 1v1. 5. The Espionage tech is somewhat unintuitive the first time you use it. It is based on enemy traders. If the enemy has no traders, then the technology cannot be used. You pay an amount and get the vision range of a random enemy trader for a limited time. 6. I think formations are position based only at the current time. I don't think they provide any additional bonus. 7. The rate in the actual template files are what the game uses. I'm not sure if those values in the history section are reading those values directly or if they were copied manually and haven't been updated. The Gauls do have a unique structure that increases farm gather rate. 8. That info is probably read directly from the unit's template file. Each rank has a different template. The modifiers from technologies are not reflected in the unit's base stats. Perhaps that should be updated to reflect that though. 9. Yes. Select a market and in the center panel where the icon portrait is you will see several small buttons at the bottom. Click the rightmost one which has an icon with three ancient coins. You will see a dialog where you can set the current rates for each resource. 10. It might be, I'm not sure. There are some variants of structures for scenario design purposes. 11. I'm guessing your territory only, but would need to verify. Like the blacksmith upgrades, I'm guessing that all stat modifiers won't be shown because those values are read directly from the units base stats. [Edit] Looks like you got some answers already [Edit 2] 12. - 14. I'm not familiar with the lobby. 15. Which units are allowed to garrison varies per building. For example, the Fortress allows Support, Infantry, Cavalry, Siege, while the Civil Center only allows Support, Infantry, Cavalry. I'm not sure which classes are used to generate arrow fire or exactly how the rates are affected. @stanislas69 do you know about the lobby questions or garrison fire rates?
  13. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    It's a bit wasteful though. I think what we have is better because I prefer the larger viewing area, but we do lose out on the corners. That could probably be fixed in C++, but I don't know how hard that would be.
  14. @stanislas69 The potential issue I see with starting a mod through an ingame option option, is that if someone is playing without internet access, then that feature wouldn't work if it couldn't be downloaded. We could include the mod in the main download, but at that point it kind of seems like it should just be built in directly.
  15. Most of the talk about an "extra realistic" mode has involved treating it as an addon feature. It would require a separate download, so it shouldn't be an issue. As has been mentioned, the blood toggle has been requested before. (It's something I would like myself.) I think the consensus was that was a worthwhile feature, but we just needed someone to implement it. It's a bit tricky because it will involve changing how some of the art files work. Corrals are in the game, but they currently only provide a way to create animals. We do want to allow bonuses from leaving live animals garrisoned there (perhaps a food resource trickle), but it just hasn't been implemented.