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  1. WhiteTreePaladin

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    The recent black powder demo combined with this foliage would work well for the start of an AoE3 / age of discovery mod.
  2. WhiteTreePaladin

    Wildfire Games is participating in FOSDEM!

    Yeah, I'm sure everyone involved would appreciate a better preview image. Not sure if that's possible or not.
  3. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    Sounds like Age of Empires, with the maximum Age option set. I like Age of Empires well enough, so that's not a bad thing.
  4. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    I believe the (white) design on the sails should be underneath the ropes that form the grid on top of the sails. Your other images (with a blue sail design) already have this though, so I'm not sure if it is just an issue with that particular image.
  5. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    I'd actually put build limits on all the ships, but that's a separate topic.
  6. WhiteTreePaladin

    Black powder test

    That sounds awesome!
  7. WhiteTreePaladin

    Anyone know where to find the classic 0ad soundtrack

    Ah, there they are! (I forgot about the win/loss ones - I'll have to add those to my album.)
  8. WhiteTreePaladin

    Anyone know where to find the classic 0ad soundtrack

    I actually made my own album of Boris Hansen's music awhile back. I called it: "0 A.D. - The early years." I used the old menu screen for the album art. Track List: 0ad Main Theme (very different from current theme - nostalgic to me) Carthaginian Battle 1 Carthaginian Battle 2 Germanic Peace 1 Germanic Peace 2 Germanic Peace 3 Hellenic Battle 2 (Not sure what happened to Hellenic Battle 1 or if it even existed) Persian Battle Persian Peace Roman Battle Roman Peace Roman Defeat [edit] Sadly, I think I made that ugly ingame GUI in your screenshot. It was a different time... [edit 2] @feneur I don't see the Carthaginian or Persian tracks in your link.
  9. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    It wasn't part of the commit process in the past, but I guess that changed at some point. Glad to hear that it's officially part of the process now.
  10. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    @Alexandermb Can we backup those Blender files to the art repo when you are finished? Having the original blender files is really nice. (Collada loses some information I think.)
  11. WhiteTreePaladin

    ===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

    Wow, very nice work! I think ships should generally be smaller (and wider) if we want them to function like they did in AoE 2 where they mainly shot arrows. Right now our ships are just like our siege towers (that have fallen over into the water) and shoot arrows based on garrisoned troops. However, I think large ships could potentially be better, but that would require some gameplay changes. I would treat ships more like movable structures and give them build limits to prevent the AI (and players) from completely clogging the map. Another benefit of treating them like structures is that it allows for other types of gameplay such as boarding, etc. I tested code awhile back to allow sunken ships to stay on the bottom and then slowly sink through the seabed, but it never looked right with a perfectly intact mast and sail halfway sticking out of the water. I'm hoping that these new designs give more flexibility for part separation / animation. That will also allow them to break up when ramming is implemented.
  12. WhiteTreePaladin

    Frozen development

    That's true. Setting up PCI pass-through isn't all that easy and requires motherboard and processor support. Without that, graphics performance would probably be awful.
  13. WhiteTreePaladin

    Frozen development

    Not really. We usually know most of it but there isn't someone that knows everything. We are not tracking our team members. So some people might go AWOL and that's fine. We have an Absence thread but not everyone think to use it, nor has the time to. We all have external life constraints. Yeah, I think most of the devs are aware of what's going on in general. Sure, it's possible someone that hasn't been as active is working quietly on something, but that's less common and not really a problem anyway. I know that before I officially joined, I savoured every bit of news released hoping that the project wouldn't be cancelled. Right after I joined (a decade ago) there was talk of ending the project do to lack of developers. (Talk about discouraging!) Extended discussion ultimately lead to the open source release. To ensure success as an open source project, Philip rewrote the entire (rather unmanageable) simulation from scratch which resulted in the nice component system we have now. He also added the original AI (as it wasn't really a playable game at that time). All of this took awhile because he was the only one really available to work on it. While development has ups and downs, we're in a better overall situation now than we were back then because we have a fully playable, open-source game, and more developers. Once this next release is complete with much of the GDPR stuff, I think more visible progress will start to be made. (The holiday season may interfere somewhat, but that's not really a bad thing. )
  14. WhiteTreePaladin


    We're not some faceless organization... right? ("Make dude" and "Make random dude" should be used as cheat codes somewhere.) Isn't having to pay taxes on income better than the alternative? [Edit] removing extra words.
  15. WhiteTreePaladin

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Performance. If you increase that, then most people's computers will start measuring frames per minute rather than per second. It mostly related to pathfinding performance, which is a hard problem to solve.