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  1. All Relics Captured Message

    Technically, victory could occur before the timer runs out if the player with the wonder manages to defeat all of the other players first (destroys all opponents units, structures, etc.), but I don't think the message should reflect that as that's just too confusing. "Will win" is probably the best way to handle it as the wonder message should really focus on the wonder timer and nothing else. This applies to any victory type that has a timer condition.
  2. Lowering Default Population Limit

    I was not aware of the max population in a tooltip or the objectives. The objectives could be shown off in a tutorial and the max pop could also be mentioned in a tutorial. You are probably right that many may forget or ignore it. The AI handles the lower populations fine, but is dramatically easier to beat. This is because the AI cannot overwhelm the enemy with large forces as easily because some have to be reserved for civil duties. This makes skirmishes more defensive which favors newer human players who are not as skilled in the game. (It makes turtling much easier.) Once an adequate defense has been built, a large army can be constructed. The human player can opt to build a wonder and/or make all gatherers into fighters for a significant population advantage over the AI. This works well against the AI because the it will generally not do either of those.
  3. All Relics Captured Message

    "Will have won" is in future perfect tense which is slightly different than the regular future tense. Future perfect tense implies that the event will occur by a certain time, not necessarily exactly at the time mentioned. Future tense implies that the event will occur at that time. So in our case, the future perfect tense "will have won" means that victory will occur by the time the timer finishes, whereas the future tense "will win" implies that victory will occur when the timer finishes.
  4. [Alpha 22] Balance considerations

    This is definitely true.
  5. All Relics Captured Message

    While most labels should probably use title case, it's OK if some things are not title case if it is more natural to not use title case. It depends on the circumstance and the nature of the label. The important thing is consistency; we don't want title case on one label and not have it on an equivalent label right next to it. [edit] As for that particular example, it should probably use title case, but I don't have a strong opinion and it's fine with me if you leave it as is. Thanks for working on this.
  6. 1000 (Anglo-Saxons) ====All Saints' Church, Brixworth (Wonder?)====

    I'd probably let scenario designers add those details. Adding it to the model will give it a more square footprint which is more awkward for a rectangular building. (You end up with an "unwalkable yard" around the structure.)
  7. Lowering Default Population Limit

    I think AoK had 75 for default and 200 max. AoE3 was 200. Another nice feature in AoE3 was that ships didn't use population. They had build limits instead which worked very well. Considering that our game mostly occurs on land, I think using build limits rather than population for ships would be a good idea also.
  8. I've been playing on both 200 and 150 pop recently. A lower population limit makes it more difficult to defeat another player by using quantity of units alone. A variety of units types and some tactics are required. This makes it easier to survive the computer player's attacks because while the AI's growth is good, its tactics are average. This increase in survivability allows the game to be more accessible to new players. It also increases performance by quite a lot. Because of this, I think we should lower the default population limit from 300 to 150 (or maybe 200). One caveat with a lower population limit is that wonders become necessities for longer games because of the hardcoded population increase. Perhaps the population provided by a wonder should be a percentage rather than an absolute? (Would be nice if there were some visual indication when the max population limit was reached. This would prevent building additional houses just to see if the limit increases when the max is not readily known. For example, because the Persians have a 10% bonus, their max pop is 165 when the global pop limit is 150.) I think the AI should be encouraged to build wonders more often when the population is constrained. Even with deathmatch resources, the AI does not tend to build wonders. I found a workaround: wonder victory with a maximum timer forces the AI to include a wonder in its strategy and the long timer provides enough time for the players to be defeated naturally. It would be nice if a workaround were not required so that wonders would be built with other victory conditions.
  9. New players rekt by Gaia on Danubius

    That would be nice. I think 16 was mentioned before.
  10. New players rekt by Gaia on Danubius

    That sounds like a bug. It's certainly not expected behavior. (I guess it somehow uses different code?)
  11. The Kingdom of Kush: A proper introduction [Illustrated]

    I think this is a really nice idea.
  12. New players rekt by Gaia on Danubius

    Couldn't you give Gaia a "population limit" check before spawning units?
  13. Attacking buildings

    I think that has been discussed at some point. I like the idea. I don't know if there is a ticket for it though.
  14. All Relics Captured Message

    I just think it looks odd to see the same player listed twice in the list. It's incredibly minor though.
  15. All Relics Captured Message

    I noticed that if you capture additional wonders, they are all listed in the wonder countdown timer message. Ideally, it would only show the oldest wonder message per player. When a player's oldest wonder is destroyed or captured, then the player's next oldest wonder should appear in the message.