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  1. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    We should commit those blender source files to the art repo so they don't get lost.
  2. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    This would be fun. Probably would make the AI easier, but would still be fun. I wish we could have different AI personalities like AoE3. In AoE3 different civilization rulers (AI personalities) would have different play styles. I never really noticed much difference though. I wish we could choose a mode for the AI like aggressive, balanced, defensive, etc. and have the AI take on that role. A defensive one would tend to build walls often and be less likely to attack (would play like a turtle).
  3. ===[COMMITED]=== Brit Stables

    We will eventually need a way to swap flower props for snow props on certain maps, but that's probably a ways off.
  4. Lowering Default Population Limit

    I don't know if walls are too cheap or not; I don't get to use them often enough to know. I wish non-siege did less (if any) damage to walls - perhaps this could be an upgrade. You can trade for more stone, but it's almost always better to trade for more useful resources.
  5. Lowering Default Population Limit

    That's assuming one of each. Except for the wonder, you'll want several of each. It's almost always better to build another tower, fortress, or civil center than any walls. If you actually get to build the max of each (10 fortresses, etc.) there probably isn't enough stone left for walls.
  6. This is always a good idea. You never know what can happen (computer failures, etc.). I would make a separate topic for your work unless you consider it part of your application.
  7. Civ: Minoans

    I don't really think backgrounds should have to tile, but it seems that others want the consistency. It could be made to tile. I think the image is good enough to be worth it. You may have other things you'd rather work on though.
  8. Civ: Minoans

    Do all of the backgrounds have to tile?
  9. Civ: Minoans

    That looks awesome. Will it be a new menu background?
  10. maps?

    I do think skirmish maps should be playable with fewer than the max players. Ultimately would need some changes to allow choice of starting positions, but might work in the interim with just using the player numbers as positions for the players present.
  11. Bug in texture of the persian farmstead

    You may have a point...
  12. Lowering Default Population Limit

    Right, as mentioned here, I was only proposing to change the default. You'd still be able to play with whatever limit you want. The setting you choose would be saved as it is currently, so you if you like playing with a high population limit (300+), then it would remember those settings from the last match.
  13. Bug in texture of the persian farmstead

    Apparently I should have too. lol
  14. Bug in texture of the persian farmstead

    I don't see an issue with having both. The Carthaginians have two temple models randomized.
  15. Bug in texture of the persian farmstead

    The Persians do have that bright blue Ishtar gate which I always thought would look awesome in player color... (Would be totally historically accurate...)