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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    That's a nice feature from BFME1. (BFME2 removed it and had free placement for everything.) Probably would be done through the upgrade system like the small tower to large tower upgrade, or even the conversion of a wall segment to a gate. If you wanted to change what you had already built there, you would have to have a default upgrade that "destroys" it to return to a state that would allow you to upgrade again. Would have to link several entities together somehow to allow the separate upgrade plots and to create the overall shape to allow for concave sections in the footprint of the combined entity. I'm not sure how to do the combination part or if the upgrade system is the best method either. Just some ideas. Someone else may have a better option.
  2. That's good. From what people were saying, it wasn't ready. I'm glad they're going to spend some more time on it. If it doesn't do well, it's less likely that we'll see a definitive edition for AoK. I hope that doesn't get cancelled.
  3. Spartan Structures

    Should be good for Romans. Might be close enough to squeeze in part one or might have to wait for Imperial Romans in part two. Or perhaps it's close enough to modify for the Greeks?
  4. Really?

    This has happened more than once. I'm not really sure that there is a "fix" for it. As team dynamics change, desired features change. This extends beyond programmers finding certain tasks more interesting to work on, and is more related to the fact that different people want different things from the game. Probably the only way that it will change is if we happen to get a group with a more cohesive vision where the group itself (not just some members) stays around long enough to actually make significant progress toward whatever vision is popular at that time. It might happen eventually. I'm hoping that as the game gets more mature, we will begin to retain enough simultaneously active people for the final progress toward version 1.0 to occur.
  5. Really?

    I don't have anything against it. But if you were wanting a random "traditional" map, it's a rather unpleasant surprise. It's also sort of unplayable on small map sizes. Would be nice if we had a better filter system than just keywords for naval, demo, triggers, etc.
  6. Really?

    To be fair, I actually think we should remove some maps since some are rather poor quality, look bad, or aren't that playable anyway (snowflake searocks). Also, some new random maps are effectively better versions of old ones. It does clutter up the list and makes random selection of random maps a bit hit or miss. Sometimes I want to find out what kind of map I'm playing on through exploration, so I won't look at the loading screen to avoid seeing the map name. Often enough to be annoying, I end up on a lower quality one (or a map lacking metal/stone, etc.) and don't realize this until I've explored a bit. I don't mind a lot of maps, but we should probably clean up the list more often than we do. (This is even more true of our scenarios.) If maps like snowflake searocks are really desired, then they should belong in a separate category.
  7. Spartan Structures

    I don't know if the well needs a roof like the others. Perhaps a little more decoration would help though.
  8. Spartan Structures

    Would still be nice if they matched the style in case someone wanted to use them in custom scenarios.
  9. Hyrule Conquest

    It might not be, I just know that can cause very unpredictable errors.
  10. Really?

    I really like this, but I doubt it can be done. There are too many changes from one release to the next for a mod of a previous alpha to work.
  11. Hyrule Conquest

    Maybe it's a threading issue? Those are very random sometimes.
  12. Hyrule Conquest

    I was working on a trigger only version of that and I had a similar issue. The dialog appeared to all players (over multiplayer) but it was the same dialog. The code for the loop over all players does run for each player so everyone does get a dialog, but all players get the heroes list for whatever civ the last player is using. I don't know how to specify something to only run for the current player.
  13. Hyrule Conquest

  14. Hyrule Conquest

    Would be nice to add that feature in for the regicide mode.
  15. Hyrule Conquest

    Can triggers directly interact with GUI elements? An example would be showing and hiding icons