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  1. Trying to get BlenderNation to feature 0 A.D.

    Does it just need more work and will be included later?
  2. Trying to get BlenderNation to feature 0 A.D.

    Better Collada exporter stability between releases would be great. More exposure for 0 A.D. in the Blender community might someday result in a better Collada exporter.
  3. Exactly. I was thinking of around 5-10 units like BFME, but they could be larger. That's true to a degree, although I found the "battalions" (5-10 units usually) to be very easy to manage in the BFME series.
  4. I think the reason unit ranking works well with battalions is because the units in battalions regenerate (albeit slowly) which allows steady progress to be made when gradually levelling during battles. The current promotion system has individual units which die too easily. This makes it too difficult to retreat and salvage your veteran troops. You end up with a mix of low and high ranks that just tend to cycle rather than gradually increase in strength; the net effect of a few higher ranked units mixed in is negligible. "Champion" units are always preferred and resources are the only limiting factor. It is orders of magnitude more effective to work on resource management and train champion units, than it is to micromanage unit training to create an army of elite (veteran) troops. These "elite" troops also happen to be weaker than champion units which makes the situation worse. As you mentioned, in other games individual unit ranking is reserved for very strong, unique units like true elite warriors and heroes. I just feel that it isn't really working well currently which is sad because there is likely a lot of potential. It doesn't break anything and the game is still enjoyable, so it's mostly just been left alone.
  5. That sounds more like AoK. Not that that's a bad thing. AoK has a lot of good things. Many seem against small battalions, so AoK continues to remain the most closely related game. I don't find unit promotion useful at all from a gameplay perspective the way it is currently implemented. I do hope it could be kept, but it will need some adjustments. As it is, promotion doesn't really hurt anything, but it's almost completely useless. Ranking up by a technology (like AoK) affects gameplay more directly by giving the player more control of when and what to upgrade, and is also easier to balance. (Viable promotion would be difficult to balance. It currently doesn't affect the balance, but that's because it doesn't really affect the gameplay either.) It would be possible to have class upgrades and use promotion for other effects rather than remove entirely. Promotion could also be a way to access classes early for a limited group of your units before you research a class upgrade tech. Once you researched it, all the other units you have at that rank would "catch up" to the new class/rank.
  6. I guess I'm thinking more middle age feudal timeframes then. Hmm, then a lot of our champion units don't make sense for some civs. Perhaps we should remove most champions and make that an elective (manual) upgrade for an elite citizen soldier. Loosing champions in battle would be a much bigger deal as they couldn't quickly be replaced making a full champion army rather valuable. (You could speed up the process with barracks garrisoning training.) I think champion is a poor name for them currently. It's better than the old "super" units, but still not good. They are supposed to represent professionals - royals guards and seasoned warriors (but not mercenaries). I don't think the current way we obtain them makes sense, at least not for all of them. I miss the unit class upgrades in AoK (again medieval timeframe). I guess I find the promotion system incomplete. It's not a large enough boost to make ranks worthwhile (especially when champions exist). I wish unit ranking were more useful. Maybe it would be better to remove it entirely as I don't feel it really adds much currently. Perhaps there's a way to make it more relevant and central to gameplay? As you mentioned, the citizens would return for future battles. Surely those with experience would have a dramatic advantage. Perhaps there's some other way to handle it. Just thinking.
  7. I think the original idea of citizen soldiers was to provide for defense only. If you got attacked, you could arm all of you citizen work force and try to survive. If a citizen proved an able fighter, you would conscript that person and they would take on the new employment. Generally, soldiers and laborers were separate historically. Soldiers could be put to work constructing things, but I cannot imagine a country that would send talented soldiers to farms between battles. Military training was important. In 0AD, citizen solders were meant to transition over to military duties if they proved exceptional. This is represented by the increase in power and corresponding decrease in gathering efficiency. I believe all of these have been suggested before, but here are some ideas: Garrisoning citizen soldiers in barracks could auto-level them after a certain time. They would gain rank, but you would not be able to use them to gather or build during that time. This represents military training. Low level citizen soldiers could be made much weaker. (This would lower their offense potential, but still allow them to be used for defense.) Veteran citizens would have much worse gathering rates than they do now. I would preserve veteran construction rates because that makes sense for military units.
  8. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    Yeah, they weren't really meant to be a threat in AoK. We would get the added utility of hunting which was only available for villagers in AoK.
  9. wowgetoffyourcellphone's gameplay design

    I do think scout cavalry (with a food only cost like AoK) would be a nice addition.
  10. Either the Athenians or Macedonians would get it most likely.
  11. ===[TASK]=== Seleucid units textures

    Unless it is a very large amount, it's probably worth adding the extra polygons for the player color.
  12. Why so many Alpha stages?

    As far as I know, the engine as a whole hasn't been rewritten (disregarding early prototypes), at least not since I've been here. The "engine" is really a collection of smaller "engines" though. I know a lot of reworking was done on the graphics engine and simulation. Ykkrosh completely rewrote the entire simulation portion, and designed and set up the component system we have now. It was called simulation 2 for a long time, but I think it got renamed to just simulation in the last couple of years. The first simulation was rather messy. For example, it would sometimes invoke multiple function calls back and forth between Javascript and C++. I particularly remember that there was a Javascript function that did something simple like determining build counts. It was called from C++, but was implemented in Javascript presumably to be easily editable without having to recompile...
  13. ===[TASK]===[SOUND]=== Archery range provisional sound

    I don't think we have anyone in charge of sound design right now. Considering your sound background and experience, I'm glad you commented on this. Any insight is always appreciated.
  14. Unread Content unavailable?

    It's slow for me. For several days, it didn't work at all.
  15. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    We should commit those blender source files to the art repo so they don't get lost.