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  1. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    It's a bit wasteful though. I think what we have is better because I prefer the larger viewing area, but we do lose out on the corners. That could probably be fixed in C++, but I don't know how hard that would be.
  2. @stanislas69 The potential issue I see with starting a mod through an ingame option option, is that if someone is playing without internet access, then that feature wouldn't work if it couldn't be downloaded. We could include the mod in the main download, but at that point it kind of seems like it should just be built in directly.
  3. Most of the talk about an "extra realistic" mode has involved treating it as an addon feature. It would require a separate download, so it shouldn't be an issue. As has been mentioned, the blood toggle has been requested before. (It's something I would like myself.) I think the consensus was that was a worthwhile feature, but we just needed someone to implement it. It's a bit tricky because it will involve changing how some of the art files work. Corrals are in the game, but they currently only provide a way to create animals. We do want to allow bonuses from leaving live animals garrisoned there (perhaps a food resource trickle), but it just hasn't been implemented.
  4. WhiteTreePaladin

    Hyrule Conquest

    A form of that is wanted for the Iberians (ability to hide in woods), but I don't believe there is any code support so far.
  5. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    With transparent corners, you do lose the four buttons around the minimap (idle villagers, etc.)
  6. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    We actually did try placing the minimap at the top right (and other places). It looked alright and didn't really get in the way of the selection rectangle (at least for right-handed users, it might be an issue for left-handed users though). However, it did obstruct the view. The bottom center panel we have now somewhat resembles an airplane cockpit with gauges which allows for a more open field of view. Not saying it's the best option, but it's surprisingly hard to get a consensus on a GUI layout. I wasn't thrilled with the bottom center panel at the time (preferred it on the left), but I've gotten used to it.
  7. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    We tried demos of many options in the past when we were designing the current GUI. Honestly, bottom left for the minimap tends to work best. Our current layout isn't in the actual left corner, but it's close and works well.
  8. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    The current GUI has empty space on the left and right (assuming a wider resolution than 1024x768), so it works left-handed or right-handed.
  9. WhiteTreePaladin

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    @Shiyn Very interesting design! Kind of looks like a boat. It leaves the lower right corner empty which makes it easier to make extra large selection rectangles (at least for right-handed users). There is a lot to like about that GUI. They only had one resource to display though. Also, battalions / squads weren't displayed (but there was room). Actually, I think it works better on the left for right-handed people. When making a large selection, a right-handed person will normally start at the top left and drag to lower right. If there is a large piece of the GUI there, then they would have to stop before they reached the GUI which makes for a smaller selection rectangle. You could allow dragging / release on top of the GUI, but that's not something most players would intuitively do. This only applies to large selections; smaller selections don't need the extra space.
  10. WhiteTreePaladin

    Tree performance

    There is a point where cards that don't support more recent standards won't have enough power to run the game well anyway. I don't know what that level is, but I somewhat doubt we need to support less than OpenGL 3. OpenGL 4 would be debatable, but 8 years is a still a long time.
  11. WhiteTreePaladin

    Fixing the skybox for maps

    That would be awesome!
  12. WhiteTreePaladin

    Trying to get BlenderNation to feature 0 A.D.

    Does it just need more work and will be included later?
  13. WhiteTreePaladin

    Trying to get BlenderNation to feature 0 A.D.

    Better Collada exporter stability between releases would be great. More exposure for 0 A.D. in the Blender community might someday result in a better Collada exporter.
  14. Exactly. I was thinking of around 5-10 units like BFME, but they could be larger. That's true to a degree, although I found the "battalions" (5-10 units usually) to be very easy to manage in the BFME series.
  15. I think the reason unit ranking works well with battalions is because the units in battalions regenerate (albeit slowly) which allows steady progress to be made when gradually levelling during battles. The current promotion system has individual units which die too easily. This makes it too difficult to retreat and salvage your veteran troops. You end up with a mix of low and high ranks that just tend to cycle rather than gradually increase in strength; the net effect of a few higher ranked units mixed in is negligible. "Champion" units are always preferred and resources are the only limiting factor. It is orders of magnitude more effective to work on resource management and train champion units, than it is to micromanage unit training to create an army of elite (veteran) troops. These "elite" troops also happen to be weaker than champion units which makes the situation worse. As you mentioned, in other games individual unit ranking is reserved for very strong, unique units like true elite warriors and heroes. I just feel that it isn't really working well currently which is sad because there is likely a lot of potential. It doesn't break anything and the game is still enjoyable, so it's mostly just been left alone.