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  1. Would it be possible to simulate faster than 20x for the nonvisual if the processor can handle it?
  2. I thought I'd ask some questions related to the non-visual autostart. Is there a way to adjust the speed to be faster than 20x? I was thinking it could be useful as an auto-resolve for a campaign mode idea I had. Will the full JSON summary file output be added later? (The current summary output seems to be lacking details compared to the regular summary JSON file.)
  3. I think it should be possible to capture walls when they are no longer in a player's territory.
  4. Hmm, did not know this.
  5. But the obstruction size is determined by footprint, right? I didn't think that was affected by the passibility class.
  6. The issue with a footprint increase is that it might make the unit get stuck. It's not as difficult as a building footprint increase though.
  7. How would the footprint increase be handled?
  8. Would really like number 3 as well. It doesn't have to replace anything, could just be an addition.
  9. I think seasons would work better in a freeform campaign mode. The seasons would change based on the number of turns on the campaign map and the skirmishes would reflect the current season when loaded, but the season would not change within a skirmish battle.
  10. I think the key feature I liked most from the battalion system is the ability treat the battalion as a super unit. This means selecting a group of units by a single left click and having a visible way to distinguish groups without having to actually select the group. This was accomplished by having the selection ring continuously change shape. Essentially, the outer edges of the individual selection rings would be connected together and all the inner portions of the selection rings would not be rendered. Banner units were also used to make the battalions stand out for easy selection and targeting. It's fine if the group can be disbanded to individual units for those that want that.
  11. There are valid arguments against battalions, but I wouldn't use bugs in other games that implement battalions as reasons against including battalions. As far as pop cap and battalions are concerned, I think it would be relatively trivial to just assign a pop value to a battalion as a whole so that the pop space is taken even when the battalion is not at full strength.
  12. I think they were visible on hover and selection (might just be in BFME2 or maybe it was a setting, but I do remember times where there was a sea of health bars). I don't think that worked. I'm pretty sure I tried it. Either that, or it was fixed in BFME2. I get some things mixed up between the two.
  13. I've been playing a few games with dropsite removed from the civil center. I had to modify several things in the AI. (I didn't realize farmsteads are only partially treated as dropsites.) Also, I added a minimum range for farms. This made the AI create farms in a radius around the civil center. I was hoping that computer player would clump them around drop sites, but it appears to place them around the center even when resources cannot be dropped off there. I think the minimum range idea has some real potential, I like the effect of the minimum distance for farms even more then removing the dropsite from the civil center. It creates cities that actually look and function like cities should. The surrounding farmlands look great too. They look even better when grouped around the farmsteads. You have to spread out more to place the farms and you don't end up with city streets that need mowing... If someone knows an easy way to get the AI to place farms around the farmsteads, it would be appreciated. I ultimately ended up adding food dropsite to the storehouse to make the AI competitive because the AI wasn't building farms near the farmsteads.
  14. You can't currently capture or herd elephants; you can only collect food from them. I think with fishing ships you can collect food from whales, but I am not sure how difficult that is considering they move a lot.
  15. This seems like a really interesting idea. I'm going to play a bit with the dropsite turned off on the civil center and see how it goes. I'm also going to make resource gathering buildings not require resources to build; instead they will only take time (like the Ptolemaic buildings).