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    This is a tropical naval map consisting of mainland Vietnam, Laos, Malaisia, Camboja together with Indonisia. All players start in large jungle islands with only wood as a primitive resource. To get metal and stone, the players need to go out in the sea and find these resources elsewhere. But beware of the animal beasts scattered all over these rich areas... If I remember well,. this is a giant map that can take up to 6 players. Despite the abundant vegetation, it runs smoothly on an old desktop from 2011. Also, If I remember, i adapted it from the Blue Marble NASA map series and its based on the ALPHA 24 version of 0ad (that is currently under development). Let me know what you think!
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    It's really fascinating to see all these efforts. Thanks for the good work.
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    “Translating specific names” or something like that? Language is fascinating.
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    Interesting oppening with brits.metadata.jsoncommands.txt
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    Hey peeps. New player here. I've just discorvered the game a few days ago. It looks gorgeous ! I have a good RTS background and I must say this game looks refreshing. It's like a mix of Age of Empires and Rise of Nations with AoE1 civs but still very unique.. Hard to describe. Anyway I really want to be committed into it ! Is the community vast ? Any Discord ? What tips would you give to a new player ? Any Build Orders ? I'm completly lost tbh. What are the "competitive" settings and all that ?
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    Hi folks, I have finished this new South East Asia map for 6 players. https://gitlab.com/CrazyBaboon/0ad_maps What should I do to upload the map onto the 0ad servers? Thanks!
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    When messing around with Delenda Est, I've managed to add special starting units, special starting structures, and other things for most of the civs. And then it dawned on me watching Wow Jr. playing LoL and AC: Odyssey: Perhaps we can allow players to adjust/customize their civs within defined parameters? This would add meta to the game where it is sorely lacking. We could have a civ customization page in the game, accessible from the main menu, and then add an option to the gamesetup for the host to enable or disable Customized Civs (default is enabled). Let's look at Sparta Choose between 3 Starting Heroes. Every player starts a standard match with 1 hero, in their "infantry" or "foot" state. Later, in City Phase, they can be upgraded to a mount or other state. If customized civs are disabled, this hero would be randomly chosen, but the player can choose which hero they want for their customized version of the Spartans. Choose a Starting Structure. Every Hellenic/Hellenistic civ gets the Stoa as an option, which has the Greek Architecture aura (All Structures +20% health, +10% build time) or a free Cult Statue of Apollo or Leonidas (if he is not the chosen starting hero) with some kind of bonus. Choose a Special Starting Unit. A Spartiate Hoplite champion. A free Champion so can help in defending the base in early game. A Skiritai Runner, elite spearman. Not quite as strong as a champion, but can help build structures and scout. 2 free Helot Peasants, who cannot build or fight, but are very good gatherers. Choose a Special Technology. Have 3 or 4 historical technologies from which the player can choose to unlock. Hellenistic Reforms (Unlocks the Spartan Pikeman and Syntagma formation) The Agoge (Hoplites +15% health, +10% train time) Olympic Champions (unlocks the ability to upgrade 2 of your Spartiates to Olympic Champion bodyguards, as in Delenda Est) Krypteia Secret Police (unlocks an aura for Champions and Heroes that boosts the performance of Helot units) You'd have these kinds of options for every civ. The GUI would be rather simple. Just have these slots that you can fill in by choosing from the available customizations. You'd need a civ drop down or dialog to choose the civ to customize. Initially, there would just be the option to customize a civ once, so this becomes your 1 customized version of the Spartans, for example, and you can customize each civ once. But later, perhaps you can have up to 3 customizations for each civ and you can save each one with an annotated name.
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    Oh, thank you! Because I have very different versions in different sources.
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    This is the word "trader" in Welsh, it comes from cyfnewid, to trade. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cyfnewid C is pronounced like a K. The Y is not on the final syllable so it is pronounced A like in the English "ago".
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    Gaulish pronunciation is quite a complicated topic because it is hard to know where is the stress. Moreover, I am far from being a linguist. But this can help, the explanations are quite good: In the case of Miletucerdon, one of my personal approximate craft, the stress should be in the -cer- part probably. It should be read MEE-LE-TOO-KER-DON.
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    It would be perfect if the game had a proper campaign mode (the demo one looks decent) and better performance.
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    Sure, could you suggest a title for that thread?
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    Good questions! I assume you're asking because you're translating strings on transifex? If you're having trouble with something, it helps if you inform us about file it is, which you can find under Context (yellow) / More Info (cyan) / Occurrences (magenta). For specific names, if you're translating to a language that uses the Latin alphabet, you can usually just click on Copy the source string (green) or press Ctrl+G. If you make a mistake, click on Revert the translation (red). Under Add special character (blue) you can find e.g. the ellipsis (…), itemization bullet (•), en-dash (–), or non-breaking space (NBSP). Alt+Enter will save your changes. If you're translating to a language that uses a different script (e.g. Cyrillic), then you probably want to transcribe the specific names. You can find some information on the relevant wiki page (work in progress). Consistency matters. Are you familiar with IPA? I don't know how Briton and Gaulish specific names are pronounced. @Genava55? Iberians use Basque: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_language#Phonology Mauryas use Sanskrit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanskrit#Phonology Persians use Old Persian. The X was probably pronounced /kʰ/ (as Ancient Greek χ) or /x/ (as Modern Greek χ). The š is indeed /ʃ/ (as in English ship). The ç is uncertain; it may have been a palatal fricative /ç/ (as in German nicht, not German auch, which is velar /x/) or perhaps affricative /t͡ʃ/ (as in English church). The ā is a long a /aː/, which is the same sound as short a /a/, but twice as long. Yes and no: the apostrophe (actually a keraia) indicates the Greek letter should not be read as a letter but as a number; B' means 2; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_numerals#Table @Stan` or @feneur, could you split off @Zeldt's question and my answer into a separate translation thread?
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    I truly enjoyed AoE3's Home city customization, and It would be cool to have new models to keep the game fresh.
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    Welcome back! I can confidently assure you that you are not old in this community... Our fanbase on facebook counts nearly 12.000 people, and out of this group, exactly 50% of the people are between 25 and 34 years old... 16% is between 35 and 44 years old. 6% between 45 and 54 years old. 2% between 55 and 64 years old and 2% is 65+. Only 19% are between 18 and 25. Less than 1% are minors less than 18 years old! We literally have more than 3 times as many seniors as we do minors in this community
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    Aoe 3 kinda did this with homecities
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    I don't see this as a bad thing. You're supposed to scout your enemy and learn his strategy that way, not automatically know what strategy they're going to pull based on the civ they pick in game setup. Options and choices made at the beginning of a match have knock-on effects that resonate throughout the match. Indeed that's where my thoughts first started formulating. Each civ can have its "default" play style, but meta customizations made by the player can add additional dynamism and choice.
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    Basically some idea i have to implemented the selector screen. But there are four. Additional thing... In EE you have a some minutes to take or grab a civ, can be nice have some. That give some bonus.
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