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      This is the place to post general stuff concerning the game. Want to express your love for hoplites or find people to play the game with? Want to share your stories about matches you have played or discuss historical connections to the game? These and any other topics which are related to the game, but don't have their own forums belong in this forum.

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    • @LarsbyrdSee this post for a possible solution.
    • your post is awesome If you are looking for a platform to download the best Android Mod APK apps and games, then you are at the right place! Techzapk.com is one of the most popular platforms in the world to download Android APK games and APK apps completely for free without any registration or registration. Simply search for the app or game you want to download, click the link, and install it on your phone. It is easy!
    • Main menu backgrounds look amateur (of course, but still, it's the first impression and that impression is pretty mid).  In-game UI (the HUD) is super old and outdated. Menus look too simple, small, and outdated. Game setup looks old and outdated. A lot of random maps still use old assets. We keep old assets around because getting rid of them might break someone's mod = not a great impression. A lot of bad random maps mixed in with the good ones. Time to get rid of the bad or ugly random maps and useless scenario maps. Time to fully support @maroder's efforts to improve things. Also, perhaps we can reimplement the 'default map' UI interface under the hood, where we can select the best maps (random, skirmish, scenario) that the game setup defaults to (instead of strictly the first map on the list alphabetically). Maybe we can refine this to only occur the first few times the game is played in each of this category. After that, it defaults to top alphabetical.
    • Just downloaded the game. Trying to use tutorial and just the first command (left click female, right click berries) has no response. The game person won't collect berries or move? Help? On Mac on most current OS.
    • Sure. I’ve expressed skepticism about Boudica many times before in these forums.  They’re very very strong with Boudica.  That may be a different problem.   But I’m personally undecided on whether Boudica is a problem. She only helps heroes, which means the impact is limited unless a player masses a lot of chariots, in which case it’s probably already gg. Compare that to the cav hero for rome, which boosts champ and CS cav, or Vercin, which boosts all soldiers
    • Finally it's our hobby and interest that brings us here. We have other open source projects for these fighting effects. No need to duplicate work already done. And Hyrule has quite some great effects, too. But I understand your point, you wish new generation. IMO 50 year old also is fine. Roman Senate was rather elderly too. Aragorn Arathorn's son also haha. And Elves ... oh dear hundreds of years old. Who cares about age
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