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Who will you play first


Which civ in 0 AD will you play first?  

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  1. 1. Which civ in 0 AD will you play first?

    • Carthaginians
    • Celts
    • Hellenes
    • Iberians
    • Persians
    • Romans

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So, which one will it be? Hellenes will be a major draw, as will the Celts. But will the novelty of the Persians give them an edge? Past polls show that the Celts and Hellenes are the runaway favorites for most of us, although I know at least two of us will give the Romans top billing (y)

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I voted Romans because I am not really sure who the rest are :|

Carthaginians - Carthage (y) I beleive it was a African city the romans conquered

Celts - Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England

Hellenes - Greece

Iberians - Iberia :)

Persians - I believe egypt and east medeterranian

Romans - Italy

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Oh I can't wait to play against, espescially, the creators of this game, I think it will be great! But well I'll have to wait pretty long... Isn't there anything that I can do to speed up the process? (y) I really want to kill someRomans, espescially Paul. :)

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Hmm, well just about the only thing we don't have is someone to serve us cold lemonade and various refreshments/delicacies while we work. Thanks for volunteering Argalius! :)

I could test some drinks for you. Which gives the most energy so you'll be able to spend long nights working on 0AD. (y)

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I'm really sorry guys, but i have to vote The Romans. The reason for that is that i THINK those are easier, and im a simple person :torch:

I guess they seem easier, and i guess they are most famous, at least thats what i think :axeman:

Nice vote / thread btw

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