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  1. I second this. We should be able to actually use the Temple and it's unit the priest, since we're now able to utilize the market.
  2. . . . Some da(m)n thing in the Balkans. . . +1 Imperium!!! Edited because the forum filter system!
  3. Four resources hands down . . . everyone's a critic. . . someone must complain about something. . .
  4. If one removes their tarnished reputation due to atrocities committed during the war, the SS definitely stands within the top 10 of my list.
  5. Does your school have connections with Dubai? Via, exchange program? If so, that's probably why they encourage you to go overseas to Dubai. I know when I graduate with my M.A. History, I'm going to a either East Asian country (P.R.C., Taiwan or Japan) or Israel, haven't made up my mind where yet. I know my East Asian adviser is pushing me to go to either Shanghai or Beijing, since we have a strong Chinese program at my university.
  6. As far as I'm concerned, 0 A.D. is very playable. And much more enjoyable with Alpha 7 then it was in the first release.
  7. So... took a break from my Modern Japanese studies and... So sorry professor... will have to... do the... article review... tomorrow...
  8. Me and Aldandil are in the same position. I'll be heading to Buffalo State however, to get my M.A. in History. So I'll be in even more debt than you mate.
  9. feneur, Anything government run or assisted in is communism, or some form of socialism. Look at our auto-industry now. Obama said he DIDN'T want to get involved, ohhhhhh but he HAD to. Imho, the government needs to go back to strict and classic Laissez-faire (sp). And from what I've read and heard about European health care systems... is that they are very poor, especially when compared to USA's existing health care. So why change something that's been working? Than again, those are my thoughts, but that's why I'm conservative. - HG
  10. That's what the map shows. My professor also mentioned that they were present in the Near East. Neandertal Range in Europe & Near East This map is very similar to the one that is in Kotakk's book. But it still doesn't show the zone of possible interaction (which is roughly Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon).
  11. There are alot of theories out there about Neandertals, and the genesis of modern Humans. For sure, there might have been conflict between the two groups, but Anthropologists simply don't know. There was bound to be competition between the groups as Humans began to migrate into Europe and go after the same food that Neandertals were going after. EDIT: In regards to the breeding question: As before, we simply don't know. Kotakk, an author I'm reading in Anthropology, has a map that features countries like Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon as a possible "Hybrid" or "highly interactive" zone between the two groups. Take care guys.
  12. BTW guys - its Neandertal not Neanderthal. Need to drop the H. Read an Anthropology book.
  13. Lololol - thats the one reason I use for not joining myspace when people ask me why I don't have an account. xD
  14. Yes - the 0 A.D. moddb, has some great stuff. Surprised some1 (you know who I mean ) didn't post about it on the news earlier for the entire community. Guess a thread by a community member is just as good.
  15. darn technical difficulties! Don't you just love technology Mythos?
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