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0 A.D. "Mythos Ascendant"

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I was thinking further into the idea of an Age of Mythology mod for 0 A.D. Such a mod would entail quite a bit of work, obviously, in the form of Myth Unit models, animations, and scripting God Powers. "Favor" as a resource would be pretty simple to implement (nearly identical to Delenda Est's "Glory" resource), and many of the regular human and hero units can be reskins of units already in the game. Choosing "Minor Gods" already has a proof of concept in Delenda Est's "Hero Selection" feature. All of that is true.

But I was thinking further into the mythological aspect after playing the latest Hyrule Conquest release and hit upon having two types of civs in such mod: Human and Magical. Human civs are obvious, but the Magical civs would 100% be mythologically based.


at al. 


Just brainstorming here.

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