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0 A.D. and TLA merge!

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[img center]http://www.borishansen.dk/sauron7.jpg[/img center]

As of today, it's offical. 0 A.D. has merged with its sister project, The Last Alliance. While the reasoning behind this is very complex, 0 A.D. Project Leader Jason Bishop summed it up nicely: "It just felt right."

The two large teams will now form one huge team dedicated to making one single game, which mixes the historical realism of 0 A.D. with the Tolkien-esque fantasy of The Last Alliance.

What will this mean for the game? First of all, it will allow you to play out extremely cool hypothetical scenarios, such as "how would the Hobbits have fared against the Roman empire", or "what if Hannibal had had access to oliphaunts instead of elephants?"

Secondly, with one huge team working on the game's assets, production will speed up, but of course, a lot of the existing work needs to be redone, too. We've optimistically pushed the public beta back to early 2008.

The name of this new game is still under discussion, but among the best name suggestions so far are:

- "Mordor A.D."

- "Rise of War: Total Sauron"

- "Romans and Ringwraiths"

- or simply "0 A.D.", but with a ring-shaped 0.

Look for a poll where you can help decide the title, and check back soon for more news and screenshots.

Also, a few more details can be found on the TLA Website.

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I totaly disagree with this merging, but hey, i`m just a community member i wont have no influence. I don`t really like the lord of the rings genre anymore, it has been overused, i got fed up with it. Anyway I really liked the whole setting and civs from 0ad so that`s why i am active in the 0ad community and not the other one. I was really looking forward to the release of 0ad no matter how long it would take, i am fed op with playing AOM al the time i just hate those mythic beasts, but now there will be surreal thingies in 0ad to, IT SUCKS


well maybe just a little

Mod Note: I took the liberty of combining all your three posts. In the futrue refrain from double posting, let alone triple posting. Just use the Edit button ~ Randy

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