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I'm an undercover agent

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LOL sorry Klaas I keep thinking you live in the Neatherlands for some reason ;) I never knew that Belgian and Dutch cops carried guns, you guys are on the right track :) Coming from North America, cops without guns = way weird :P

Besides, remember that drugs don't pay unless you turn the dealers in for reward.

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you should hold up sign in the corner saying something along the lines of "Wildfire for president"

Well that would result in serious troubles. Belgium is a monarchy, so if I implied I want to make a republic of Belgium (Wildfire for president) the BOB might want to get me :)

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How much is 2 tonnes of coke worth?  That's insane.

It seems it wasn't limited to that. They were also renting a building elsewhere where the police found a huge amount of XTC, the largest amount found in Belgium thus far. That must be a lot since 20% of the XTC traffic and production world-wide goes through Belgium.

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