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I'm an undercover agent

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Well not really actually. But when I came home this weekend I noticed a big camera with night vision lense and a special videorecorder attached to it. The BOB (equivalent of the FBI in the USA) put it in my computer room to spy on a building on the other side of the street. That building was recently sold and now there are trucks from the Netherlands and UK standing there. The police discovered that the Dutch police already followed them so they are keeping an eye on them now. They don't want to tell why though :/

Well it was quite a surprise to see this thing standing here next to me :)

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Lol, lots of speculation going around here ;)

Well the thing is that my dad knows the brother of the detective who's in charge of the investigation, so that's why they came to our house. Well they also know him because of some 'things' my dad did in the past when he was co-leading a farmer's union and organizing protest marches :)

They did it with our consent though, of course they aren't allowed to just walk in, set up their equipment, without the consent of the person owning the house.

Yeah I've been thinking of doing some stuff before that camera. I pity the one who has to watch that 7-day long video, so I might as well give him some entertainment ;)

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Nah, it's recording automatically, it's attached to a good old VCR recorder. My dad has to change the video everyday when the thing starts flashing.

Been looking at those guys they're filming too and it seems indeed a bit strange what they're doing now. They made two dog cages with guard dogs in it and the lights are on day and night, also during weekends.

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Well they are Belgian cops, but it's possible Dutch cops will help too since I live very close to the Dutch border (and they come from the Netherlands).

Yeah they carry guns, but I don't expect a gun fight, maybe a dogfight though :)

Nah I'm not afraid of dogs. My dog is actually a monster, she constantly wants to fight with me and can sometimes be too aggressive. But I like that, I know the trick how to handle them ;)

Anyway, if don't hear anything from me next anymore I either ran off to a remote island with all the drugs that are stored there or I was shot in the gun fight :P

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