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New $50 Bill

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Its true except that Thomas Jefferson is on the front of the two dollar bill so i guess that means that Regan can't be on it too.

I guess the reason why we have green money is becuase we like it. The new money has some blue and red in it too though.

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Paper money is already going out of style. The future is plastic...either plastic linked to your bank account, or plastic in the form of credit lines. Everyone will pay for nearly everything with plastic in the next 25 years.

I know this because it's what I do for a living, write credit card processing software. I can't begin to tell you the size of the current card market and how fast its growing yearly. Large corporations are moving away from paper invoices and moving towards card based purchase and sale systems. As they move, so does the general public. Banks are realizing how much lower their operating costs can be when they move their customers to card based money access solutions.

The real problem in all of this, unfortunatley, is identify theft. Though I would expect in the next 20-30 years, that will slowly fade as the banks gets smarter and people in general get smarter when it comes to managing and securing their cards.

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people also get smarter with hacking techniques. it won't end.

Over 90% of identity theft has nothing to do with 'hacking'. It's all very brute force and terribly easy to prevent if you know the dangers. For instance, over 25% of identity theft happens when people hand their credit cards to service people (waiters, cashiers, etc). It's terribly easy for some people to remember your card, number and address if you show them your license!

Credit card number databases are NOT connected to the outside world to even be hacked, as defined by laws that prevent them from being linked to the outside world. The only 'hacking' that can go on is if you

a) Have a key logger on your system and buy something online

;) Buy something online from an insecure or unknown site

c) Use one of those corner store ATM's (or any ATM not directly maintained by your bank, or another reputable bank)

d) Not pay attention when you are waving around your card in front of people (consider this 'hacking' reality :P)

Hate to break this to everyone, but identity theft is almost ALWAYS a result of the victim not properly securing and handling their cards. Oh, and another random figure: 50% of all identity theft is commited by family and close friends.

Some food for thought :P

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