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Extreme German Warehouse Employee Training Video

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I love this video!

It's an employee work safety instructional video


It's abit borring in the begining but the action picks up after 1-2 minutes

P.S. Everyone is dead by the time the movie is over.

PPS: Chad told me to warn you not to watch the movie if you don't like looking at the secret surprise ingrediant that is used in great abundance in the video.

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Ok, I’ll try to translate it. :-) I don’t think that a rough translation will do as it is the details that make the whole movie funny.

At the beginning, the man standing in the front of the others says:

“Dear female forklift operators, gentlemen. Now then, during your training you have proved that you can master a forklift in theory as well as in practice and so I am glad to be able to tell you that you have ALL passed the exam. (-> notice his delight, which is completely overdone. ^^) And now, I want to give you your fare cards for the internal traffic at work. (I can’t take it any longer. ;-) The German terms are so excessively intellectual it is really hard not to laugh out loud when hearing them. ^^) Ok, now there we have Mr Bassek.” (I’m not sure how to spell his family name, but in the following he will always be referred to as “Klaus”.)

Now you hear the narrator with this funny voice.

“This is Klaus. Klaus has just successfully finished his exam for driving a motor-operated industrial truck – in plain German: forklift. Now he is one of over 37.000 specially trained skilled employees in Germany who have the right (Again, a funny term in German) to call themselves Forklift operators.”

Ok, now there is this picture where a painted forklift drives into the screen. On the forks you can see the headline “Forklift operator Klaus” and beneath (in green) it says: “The first day at work”.

The narrator is back: “Good morning Klaus! Now it is getting serious. Your first day as a forklift operator can begin. And what does a forklift operator do at the very first of all? Correct, the overall inspection, as a save implement is the basic requirement for save working.

Are the brakes o.k.? Does the lifting gear work properly? What about the steering mechanism? Everything works fine? Well then, let’s start. Go!

For the global safety there have been constructed separate driveways and sidewalks especially at the entries and the exits of the hall. But look out! Unfortunately, time and again, there are workmates who don’t stick to the compulsory sidewalks and in that way endanger themselves and their environment.”

(Now you see the man with the red helmet jump over the forks of Klaus’ forklift.)

“Now that was close! That’s why you have to pay attention to pedestrians even on separated driveways and sidewalks.”

(Klaus is driving around) The narrator: “Ah and there we already have a workmate waiting.”

The workmate in red: “Morning Klaus. Congratulations to your forklift certificate.”

Klaus: “Thank you very much!”

The workmate asks Klaus to lift him up because he has to do something up there.

The narrator: “But Klaus, you do know that the lifting of persons on the forklift is not allowed!”

Klaus: “Sorry, I can’t do that, it’s too dangerous!”

The workmate assures him that it would be totally save if he stood on these shelves.

The narrator (completely ironic now): “Ah, the workmate has found a solution! But that as well isn’t approved. Far from it! And it happens immediately. Loss of balance – crash.”

(You see the animation again) “Remember: Never lift persons on the forks! For special commitments use a specially secured lifting platform.”

(Klaus lifts a package – you see a knife on top)

A workmate: “Say, have you seen my knife anywhere??”

(He puts of his helmet) “Where have I put it??”

(The bell rings – it’s lunch time)

(Afterwards) The narrator: “Ok Klaus, let’s continue shall we?”

(Klaus can’t start up his forklift.) A workmate tells Klaus that he knows exactly how to fix this. *lol*

Narrator: “Now just a moment Klaus, don’t you remember? Attendance may only be executed by qualified personnel! So don’t you twiddle! And don’t let others twiddle!”

The workmate: “So what? One isn’t all thumbs.” *rofl*

Ok, it goes on like this and I think for the rest, the talking isn’t that important. The narrator continues to advise Klaus and always reminds him to abide by the regulation. And of course he is supremely disappointed every time Klaus does something wrong. ;-)

Please ask if you want to know anything else. :lol:

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Don't feel ashamed. There are plenty of English/American/Canadian videos on safety and stuff that are mean't to be serious but aren't or are serious but in a joking way (i guess) and maybe they try to be funny really hard but aren't...or something.

And no one knows which one it is so we speculate. :wine: Like at WFG. ^_^

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