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  1. i got my mom an aerosmith dvd and my dad "the bourne supremacy" kind of lame but i didn't know what else to get them...
  2. we have an artificial tree...not becuase we are lazy but becuase my dad and i are both allergic to trees. it kind of sucks not to have a real tree but the fake one is much easier.
  3. yep yep tratando is used with estar when you want to say you are "doing" something the ando or iendo is added on to the root of the verb to make the "ing" in english estoy tratando = i am trying estamos nadando = we are swimming estamos comiendo = we are eating
  4. yo estoy estudiando español cautro en mi escuela. mi clase está tratando aprender la idioma y algunos de las personas pueden hablar muy bien. ¡me gusta español!
  5. i didn't understand any of the talking but it was still pretty funny...reminded me of monty python and the holy grail...anyways... was this made as a joke?
  6. thanks alot erik, i'll see if i can work that into my argument
  7. puratinism bore within it the seeds of its own destruction. comment upon this statement. i really have no i idea where to start...
  8. i run xc... i'm hoping to get my time down to 17:00 for the three mile but its gonna be tough. i'm probably right around 15th man on my team right now and i hope to move up in those ranks before next year.
  9. @ curufinwe i have looked on many different websites about this topic and all of them seem to say the same thing, people between the ages of 15 and 40 are the most common ones to get testicular cancer. none of these websites has shown anything to do with performance enhancing drugs increasing the risks of this cancer. if you could find me a valid site showing the research you brought up about drugs i would really appreciate it. lance armstrong has been tested thousands of times by many different organizations in the past and has never tested positive for a performance enhancing drug other than right after chemotherapy when he still had some of the drugs they used to save him in his body. i think the reason no one bought the livestrong wristband at the tour in your neighborhood is becuase the french (sorry for the generalization) don't like lance armstrong. the lance armstrong foundation is a very serious organization that is dedicated to fighting cancer. i think they do the best job of any organization of raising awareness for their cause. i may not agree with what he has done in his personal life and i dont really know how good of a person he is but lance armstrong, in my opinion, is the greatest cyclist to ever live and fully deserved to win the tour de france six times in a row.
  10. i recently bought a liveSTRONG wristand with some of my friends becuase we are cross country runners, support cancer research, think lance armstrong is great, and i personally know about 5 people who have had to suffer with cancer. but what about the rest of the people wearing them? it's starting to become "popular" in my school and i dont think this is right. someone asked a girl why she had one and she said "idk, everyone else has one so why not me?" what do you guys think?
  11. for the most part, it takes longer to type out all of the questions and instructions than it does to sit down and do the work. B-)
  12. illinois, USA weather = hot summers with way to much humidity, cold winters with not enough snow, fall it always thundering, spring is usually pretty cold weather right now is great though, highs of about 70
  13. i'd have to go with a black cadillac escalade with 24 inch spinners and a huge crome grill...you gotta go with the SUV's
  14. what picture are we supposed to be looking for?
  15. lets hear it for the 'burbs of chicago. live within 20 minutes of the city and a half hour of the country so it's the perfect median. it would be nicer to get out into the country for some easier running though...but i am fascinated with the city and how it manages to keep itself in working order.
  16. 1993 infiniti G20...pretty crappy, though it was nice at one point in time. its got about 102K miles on it so hopefully it will get me through the next two years of highschool. i have to drive about 25 miles to work and then come home everyday in it so i'm really getting alot out of it.
  17. american lit survey weightlifting (pe) a.p. u.s. history lunch hnrs precalc hnrs physics spanish 4 american problems
  18. hey everyone i'm a teenage conservative. i enjoy running and playing guitar. i consider myself an independent with mostly conservative views and i tend to offend alot of people with some of the statements i make so please be patient.
  19. bill o'reilly is a great man and would make a much better president than bush or kerry
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