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Me and Niadanac worked for about 10 minutes on this browser based MMORGP that we, along with Matei and xLpx were developing :)

It went nowhere, fast, and no one has done anything on it for 4 months now.


10 minutes, thats a generous estimate :P

Anyhoo in response to DarkAngel,

My real name is Sean, I am working towards my Bachelor of Commerce, my hobbies include:

-PC gaming (can't beat a PC based MMORPG)

-X-Box gaming (wooot Ninja Gaiden!)

-Dancing along with the dancing banana dude (where the heck is Mrs. Banana dude?)

-Long moonlit walks on the beach (and just about anything that my girlfriend wants me to like)

Who sent me? Cheezy, what a crazy monkey :P

As for Sunshine, thanks for the compliment, I certainly remember you but who doesn't from AoM :)

Thanks all for the warm welcome, see ya around!

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