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The Passion

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Yes, according to the bible Peter was crucified upside down, because he thought he wasn't worth it to die the same death as his master.

Did you knew that a person on a cross now and then tried to rest by "standing" on his legs. That person then wasn't able to hold this out for long and then would be "hanging" again. This way ensures maximum suffering over a long period of time. I just had to describe this, sorry (y).

I'm sure I will see this movie sometime, but maybe not in the theater. Anyway, it takes a while untill it will be released here in The Netherlands.

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Code, I also liked Pontius Pilate in the movie- it makes you think, he was only a man who desired to do the right thing. If someone desires to do good, the opportunity won't be taken away from them.

BTW I wasn't a huge fan of teh score- what do you guys think of it who saw it?

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