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Migration of Aristeia Mod to A25

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https://github.com/Yekaterina999/0AD-Aristeia-Egyptians-A25-Mod/tree/main Link to Bronze Age Egyptians mod. 

Actually 0 A.D. was supposed to be the name of the franchise (e.g. Age of Empires) The game you play is called Empires Ascendant, and the Suebi, Imperial Romans, Parthians ex were supposed to be

OK. I will drop the Myceneans. I think my approach would be to restore the civs separately instead of in a pack, so that people who only want 1 faction can just download the mod for that 1 faction. 

Posted Images

I am just spamming Egyptian building in the atlas editor now. 

Some can display and others can't. 

Some are missing mesh files. 

I may have accidentally deleted some mesh. Lemme fix. 


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36 minutes ago, Yekaterina said:

Ok, good to know. Egyptians are coming along much more nicely. They are basically functional now, with only a few missing bits. 

What is this though, I think it is related to technology. 



It's not error, only warning. Needs to be changed in the template:
specificName: Name to specificName: { "egyptian" : Name }

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@Stan` I have completed the minimal version of this mod, with fully working  Bronze age Egyptians and no fancy graphics changes. Should I upload it onto git or mod.io? the file seems a bit large for the forum. 

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22 minutes ago, Stan` said:

You can move on with the other civs :) Ideally you'd need to include the changes on the git repo. 

I will do Zapotecs next. The other Aristeia Civs are too fractured, and I think currently there are a lot of discussion about Mesoamerican civs.

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