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move fields away from the CC


opinions to the proposal: move field away from CC  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. What method would you prefer to make this happen, or do you want this at all?

    • give CC a negative farming aura / block radius for farms
    • DE style farmlands that give farming bonus
    • disable CC as dropsite for food and remove or reduce arrows
    • keep it as it is now, because that is how it should be
    • keep it as it is now, because balancing something like this is too much work
    • no opinion
    • other opinion (please comment then)
    • give CC a positive aura (e.g. increased build speed or other benefits) to encourage players to place buildings there
    • Reduce farmers per field and reduce field cost

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32 minutes ago, alre said:

those won't make the game feel more realistic though.

 Yes, ire seems more realistic, or perhaps we can favor the gameplay and the freedom of the player to allow the dock to be done in the middle of the map without water, for me it is not much different from making many fields around the administrative center without respecting whether the area is fertile, if you have a farmstead close by or something. A simple copy and paste of conventions that came from old rts games. And not the 0a.d. he is not a city builder but he values a verisimilitude that in my opinion should be taken into account.

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