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0 A.D. A25 gameplay patches


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A24 was released a few weeks ago and development of A25 started with 24939. The purpose of this thread is to keep track of what patches that affect gameplay or balance are proposed or committed for the next release (A25), as this thread did for the previous (A24).

Please refrain from discussing individual patches here. The correct place for that is on Phabricator ( https://code.wildfiregames.com/ ). Each entry (below) has a link to the relevant page.

All open gameplay patches can also be found with https://code.wildfiregames.com/search/query/MwAW9pins9Vt/

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Currently open gameplay patches:

  • D3868: Fish and fruit regeneration.
  • D3687: Remove worker elephant from civic centre.
  • D3853: Don't chase when there are still targets around.
  • D3811: Use subunits for the Ptol supersized ship.
  • D3810: Differentiating britons part 1.
  • D3781: +5 pierce resistance for artillery.
  • D3779: Unify wood gather rates.
  • D3778: Remove fortress and tower entity limits.
  • D3777: Limit the number of domestic animals.
  • D3776: Increase vision of support units.
  • D3762: Clean up wall templates a bit.
  • D3758: Differentiate movement speeds of ranged cavalry.
  • D3757: Unify pierce resistance of defensive structures.
  • D3756: Unify resistances of non-buildable structures.
  • D3755: +2 pierce resistance for javelineers.
  • D3743: Differentiate crossbowmen.
  • D3738: Athen elite hoplite can promote to champion hoplite.
  • D3736: Tweak archer spread and add technology.
  • D3735: Differentiate camels.
  • D3727: Differentiating athens: democracy.
  • D3708: Make animals invisible in FoW.
  • D3704: Cheaper economic technologies.
  • D3699: Change mercenaries again.
  • D3698: Make colonization tech more most useful.
  • D3697: Make merchant ships less profitable.
  • D3693: Improve merchant ships.
  • D3691: Add stable to fortress map.
  • D3688: hoplite_tradition tech.
  • D3684: Tweak ram attack classes again.
  • D3681: Standardize animal loot experience.
  • D3680: Tweak will to fight technology costs.
  • D3679: Lower forge technology costs.
  • D3675: Athenian bonus - cheaper technologies.
  • D3674: No whaling.
  • D3672: Raise archer reload time.
  • D3668: Unify damage of arrow-shooting structures.
  • D3665: Decrease metal cost for mercenaries.
  • D3602: Tweak theatre aura.
  • D3601: Lower city phase territory increase.
  • D3599: Tweak elephant archer again.
  • D3597: Allow training starting units at any civic centre.
  • D3565: Make all support units bribable.
  • D3563: Make theater cheaper.
  • D3528: Bring turnRate back to realism.
  • D3523: Bring projectile speeds to realistic values.
  • D3488: Lower unit movement speed.
  • D3486: Lower soldier vision range.
  • D3466: Make wall turrets upgrade into proper towers.
  • D3417: Balance pike again.
  • D3416: Fix unlock shared dropsites requirement.
  • D3407: Add food/researchtime cost to reformed_army / traditional_army.
  • D3392: New kush civ bonus.
  • D3390: New cart market civ bonus.
  • D3377: Enable cart basic infantry javelineer.
  • D3341: Move some trainable animals to higher phases.
  • D3319: Differentiate rams.
  • D3246: Increase advanced and elite and lower champion ranged attack damage.
  • D2988: Replace corral technology.
  • D2965: Separate chariot templates.
  • D2900: Separate camels from cavalry templates.
  • D2854: Introduce centre tech progression.
  • D2845: Change phase bonuses.
  • D2769: Add visible garrison points to wall towers.
  • D2648: Make Caratacos and Maximus auras local.
  • D2535: Remove pop cap civ bonuses.
  • D2508: Prevent ships and siege engines from attacking fields.
  • D2506: Allow building fields in neutral territory.
  • D2477: Garrison units on short wall segments.
  • D1997: Make animal corpses visible in FoW / Make resource entities keep their visibility when converted to resources.
  • D1400: Hero aura revision.
  • D1351: Reduce cavalry gather rate.
  • D904: Themistocle aura 1 modify.
  • D497: Allow hunting aggressive and violent wild animals.
  • D76: Revisit Vision (and Ranged Attack) ranges.


  • D3318: Move will to fight technology from fortress to wonder.
  • D3418: Purge Battlefield Medicine.
  • D3431: Increase ram damage.
  • D3487: Unify unit vision range.


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A25 commits affecting gameplay or balance:

  • 25135: Remove the attack from wall turrets.
  • 25134: Increase gather rate technology effects / revert rP24719.
  • 25133: Exclude Towers from Town->City phase requirements.
  • 25132: Unlock the Iberian monument in Town Phase.
  • 25131: Change 'Archery Tradition' tech to an attack range increase.
  • 25130: Unify the resistance of foundations.
  • 25129: Reduce cavalry training time and increase movement speed for ranged cavalry.
  • 25128: Remove then entity limit for the Embassy.
  • 25123: Technically seperate Turrets from GarrisonHolder.
  • 25092: Fix fishing boats hunting whale.
  • 25058: Streamline ship stats.
  • 25057: Lower cavalry melee attack range again.
  • 25055: Fix siege_attack tech not affecting Maurya.
  • 25000: Search for resources near a current location before the init-pos.
  • 24973: Let domestic animals flee when attacked.
  • 24972: Fix Iberian starting walls on Skirmish maps.
  • 24953: Unify UnitAI and AnimalAI.

See also https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Alpha25#Gameplay

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You definitely have to bring the discussions to the forums.


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