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Bactrian Camel

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21 hours ago, MrLux said:

Such magesty xD

Are those camels  suppose to carry something on their back? I wanted to know the models are going to have armor, reins, and props ?

Armour, highly unlikely. Riders, reins, baskets, goods, etc., yes. Bactrian camels would (should) be used by the Han Chinese and Xiongnu traders, like the dromedary camels used by the Carthaginians and Persians in game.

(Off-topic, actually hybrid camels, i.e. offspring from crossing Bactrian and dromedary camels, were preferred in the Near East. They were bred around Afghanistan, but remains have been found from India to Serbia, indicating their widespread usage in trade networks. Likewise, mules, i.e. infertile offspring from a jack (male donkey) and mare (female horse), were bred around the Mediterranean and considered pack animals superior to both donkeys and horses.)

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An idea for a new camel, which could be both wild or domesticated. The Bactrian Camel is a two humped camel which appears to have been used primarily as a beast of burden, and for riding. As far as I know it wasn't used in warfare, but it could be an additional fauna and would probably quite accurately be used for traders/merchants, as they would travel long distances with their wares.


The dromedary was probably domesticated from wild ancestors roaming in the Arabian peninsula. Scholars believe that the likely site of domestication was in coastal settlements along the southern Arabian peninsula somewhere between 3000 and 2500 BC. Like its cousin the Bactrian camel, the dromedary carries energy in the form of fat in its hump and abdomen and can survive on little or no water or food for quite a long period. As such, the dromedary was (and is) prized for its ability to endure treks across the arid deserts of the Middle East and Africa. Camel transport greatly enhanced overland trade throughout Arabia particularly during the Iron Age, extending international contacts throughout the region along caravansaries.




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