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This is for discussion and suggestions regarding unused entities, units, etc. in Atlas since Alpha 23. If there is already an existing thread or threads regarding this, please refer me to such.

Good to know that stables and siege workshops are going to be standard in Alpha 24.

In order in the list of entities:

  • Campaign folders are for entities in campaign "maps" not intended to on played on like a normal game.
  • Celtic hut and longhouse remnants from previous alphas. Make them equal to houses?
  • Desert trading post models are the same as the Persian market ones.
  • Fences (the long, short, and stone) are select-able and attack-able.
  • Hellenic Epic Temple, despite being in an skirmish map (Greek Acropolis?), is basically a modified Parthenon acting as a large Temple.
  • Hellenic Proplyea (entrance to a temple), suggest making it garrison-able if it serves no other purpose.
  • Palisade angle spikes should not have rubble when destroyed, should be able to take many hits from spears and arrows, and should be easily vulnerable to swords, axes, and crushing attacks. How about making them anti-cavalry stakes?
  • Wooden Watchtower can be garrisoned by one unit or small siege engine.
  • Small spikes can be like caltrops, dealing damage to any units going through. Tall spikes can be barricades.
  • Corinthian (Seleucid) colonnade.
  • Table (both rectangle and square variants)
  • Default fishing boats, trading ships, and biremes should be added, not just triremes.
  • Babylonian defense tower should be for the Aristea mod unless any scenario has them for a reason.
  • Outposts may need to be unique models for every faction, current one can be put for one faction/civilization or in the "other" folder if generic.
  • Melonas (rotary mill) is going to be deprecated, suggest a use for Millenium A.D. factions (Anglo Saxons, Carolingians)?
  • Does the next alpha allows upgrading Carthaginian houses into apartments? Borg's mod already does this.
  • Carthaginian embassy (the large one), suggest that it can hire all seven mercenaries from the three embassies.
  • Carthaginian small wall gate is the same as the palisade's
  • Tophet, the other Carthaginian temple.
  • Persian apartment block, found in "Egypt" skirmish map, suggest that it can be like Delenda Est's insula, built in the City phase and housing many.
  • Persian houses A and B also found in "Egypt" skirmish map, suggest that can be built in the Town phase.
  • Persian inn, remnant from a previous alpha.
  • Persian tačara can function like the apadana (palace), summoning hero and anusiya.
  • Where can you find the texture and/or model for the lighthouse in the 4-player "Corinthian Isthmus" map? Different texture than the buildable Ptolemaic one.
  • Temple of Mars also found on Egypt skirmish map.
  • Tent (tabernaculum) can be built by Roman citizen soldiers, and can be transferred like yurts for only food (carried by donkey or horse-drawn cart).
  • Roman Triumphal arch also found on Egypt skirmish map. Imperial Roman special building for Empires Besieged?
  • Spartan gerontía/gerousia (senate?) should be like the Athenian prythaneon. Currently only Leonidas can be trained, why not the other two heroes and some upgrades? Found in an old tutorial from a previous alpha.
  • Athenian gastraphetes currently uses the Scythian archer portrait.
  • Xenophon should be a cavalry swordsman hero.
  • Boudicca's cavalry javelineer and infantry swordsman forms.
  • Carthaginian champion pikemen, also found on Egypt skirmish map.
  • Arstibara (apple bearers), probably the same stats as (and right clicking the icon shows) the anusiya.
  • Persian champion cavalry archer currently has same portrait as the champion cavalry spearman. Some mods correct this.
  • Ptolemaic Nubian mercenary archer.
  • Roman imperial legionnaire and centurion are also in Egypt map. Marian legionnaires can be found in Gallic Fields map, takes experience to promote to imperial legionnaire.
  • Roman onagers do not pack. Delenda Est kind of fixes this problem.
  • Spartan pikeman. Delenda Est has a trainable version of this unit.
  • Theban Fire Raiser, Sacred Band Hoplite, and Thespian swordsman are in Delenda Est, but the Sacred Band Hoplite is also found in the Pelopponesian Wars scenario map.
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I'm not sure what the goal of this thread is, but with regards to eyecandy stuff there is an entire subforum https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/433-eyecandy-custom-projects-and-misc/

With regards to balancing, feel free to propose your ideas to @borg- @Nescio either here or even better directly by making a differential on Phabricator.

18 minutes ago, Carltonus said:

Xenophon should be a cavalry swordsman hero.

For stuff like this, would be nice to have some sources :)

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To make things simpler, let us first discuss about the units, namely:

  • Carthaginian champion pikeman
  • Gastraphetes (belly bow)

Athenian Gastraphetes

  • Bactrian horse archer

Bactrian Horse Archers

  • Arstibara (Apple bearers)
  • Nubian mercenary archer
  • Imperial legionnaire and centurion
  • Spartan Pikeman (or Reformed Phalangite)


  • Theban champions: Sacred Band hoplite and Thespian Black Cloak swordsman

(Printscreen image(s) will be here after an edit or two)

The Carthaginian pikeman is found on the "Egypt" skirmish map. Was this unit trainable in a previous alpha, and are there plans to re-introduce this unit in the future? Same goes to the Bactrian horse archer (already in modifications).

The apple bearers appear to be a deprecated unit, replaced by the anusiya (Persian Immortal). Same question as above.

If I recall correctly, the Gastraphetes is going to be implemented in the next alpha as a siege unit for the Macedonians.

Nubian mercenary archers can be found in the "Egypt" skirmish map if playing the Ptolemies. Was this also a remnant from a previous alpha?

The Imperial legionnaire and centurion can be found in the "Egypt" skirmish map if playing the Romans. If you let a Marian legionnaire gain some experience in "Gallic Fields", he might promote into the former. Other than that, these two are best preferred to be in a late Republic faction or in Empires Beseiged.

The Spartan pikeman is best used in a separate Reformed Spartans faction (in a future release, alongside with other new Hellenistic factions).

Theban Sacred Band hoplites can be found in the "Peloponnesean Wars" scenario map when playing as Thebes. Other than in Delenda Est, is the Theban faction going to be part of the family in a future release?

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