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Just now, Trinketos said:

So arsenal is for making siege/artillery?

Yes, an arsenal is a place for storing, repairing, or producing artillery, ammunition, etc.:

And historically also ship materials (oars, ropes, sails, masts, anchors, etc.), because artillery was primarily used in naval warfare (and city defence), rarely in field battles.

Furthermore, “arsenal” is the proper translation of the Greek specific name used in 0 A.D. (Hoplothēkē).

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1 hour ago, Stan` said:

@Trinketos do you meant it as a blacksmith building?

Also, a blacksmith is a person, not a structure; the proper English word for the corresponding building is forge or smithy. Given its function in 0 A.D., another appropiate word would be armo(u)ry, a place where weapons are kept:

Nowadays, especially in American usage, armory and arsenal overlap, but historically (Early Modern Period, c. 1500-1800) arsenal was more for the navy and artillery, and armory more for the army and militia.

[EDIT] ὁπλοθήκη also means armoury. However, one has to keep in mind that troops were typically responsible for supplying their own arms in Antiquity.

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Assuming your intention is a place for producing firearms, then maybe armory is the best term for this specific structure (and the thread title), see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springfield_Armory

If its purpose is artillery, then arsenal, see:

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armory or arsenal
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I guess it will produce cannons :) and maybe some techs related to that, although more generic techs related to firearms will probably be in another building

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