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I asked for Writers and I have some Volunteers


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I posted on Facebook a note asking for new volunteers of those we never asked for, as editors, to my surprise they answered quickly.

I had already asked for Art and programming, but this time I asked for people to write descriptions of units or heroes, and civilizations, even campaign stories.

The idea is that they write basic things that would take us time and creativity.


Puse en Facebook una nota pidiendo nuevos voluntarios de los que nunca pedimos, como editores, para mi sorpresa respondieron rápidamente.

Ya había pedido Arte y programación, pero esta vez pedí que la gente escribiera descripciones de unidades o héroes, y civilizaciones, incluso historias de campañas.

La idea es que escriban cosas básicas que nos lleven tiempo y creatividad

@Iori is one of them.


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We can use them by writing as many descriptions as necessary and in our encyclopedia. Also to describe civilizations and as much detail as we need, ASI does not consume the time of programmers and visual artists. 

I offer help us with  Our mods first.

it would be good if you could help us by writing descriptions of some of the factions.

@Iori seria bueno que nos ayudarías escribiendo las descripciones de algunas facciones.



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@dmzerocold we are adding some of  stuff not changing anything yet, but for now we are test some description on the mods.

So we are recruiting (or trying) to have writer to write history and other things like Faction summary/Overview , History like an a encyclopedia (maybe) , planning this for campaigns , scenarios and Hero description.

The things are done we can let be in that way.

In the future must be dialogue script for a scenario.

Or a text intro in some campaign.


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Zapotecs Civilization
The Zapotecs were a pre-Columbian indigenous civilization that flourished in the Oaxaca Valley in Mesoamerica between 250 and 800 B.C.
They had great influence on other civilizations such as the Mayan and Aztec culture, their beliefs were based mainly on Polytheism (That is, they believed in several Gods), in addition to having great warriors willing to go to war, these had a Social Organization fractionated in the form of a pyramid that were based and framed within a hierarchical-religious system.
Another characteristic of the Zapotecs was the adoration of their ancestors, human sacrifice, enthusiasm for the ball game and the possession of a calendar that consisted of 18 months of 365 days, in addition to having their own language.


(Opinions, if there are errors, let me know, or if you want to add something else.)

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