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  1. @LordGood could you please let me know where can i find blender files of this artworks?
  2. I'm not sure if you consider Metal Gear as a FPS game but Metal gear is something that i enjoyed for many years ... i played MG1 in PS1 20 years ago ... then MG2 in PC in 2002 maybe , unfortunately i couldn't play MG3 and 4 but I watched in-game videos just to follow storyline ... 2 years back i played MG5 I suggest you Metal Gear 5
  3. i think to play Alpha i have to buy it .. other option is to wait for final release :d Dual Universe is also impressive, have you tried that? https://www.dualthegame.com/en/
  4. it is not a strategy game but impressive funding https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/star-citizen-reaches-200-million-1203032223/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals 213 million dollar so far !
  5. Thanks to @stanislas69 1 of my open points closed
  6. I hope you enjoyed your trips completely agree with you, but we can make a proper structure so people contribute based on a structure Agree with you, yes currently in my list some actions have 1 voice but there is no limitation we can add more lines for each action Actually for me at this step, the important part was to identify all possible actions and give them at least 1 voice , just to say we built our voice structure then we can add more lines even more voices for the same lines if you can give me your Gmail ,i can give you access to list to edit For now, the big question for me is if there is anyone available/willing to implement this structure or not
  7. Could you please let me know how can use this mode manually ? where should i put it
  8. Yes i know now you can see why i proposed new voice structure.... and I insisted on it In old voice structure for Persian there is no "femal_gather" or "male_gather" instead we have : https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List I will gather wood — draxtakaramiy — [draxtækaramiː] I will gather from mine — kanamiy zama — [kanamiː zamæ] I will gather food — thāigarchiamiy — [θaːigartʃiaˑmiː] I will hunt — škāramiy — [ʃkäramiː] gather is broken based on material ( food , mine , hunt , wood etc) And voices i prepared is based on the above list (old list) in Samulis zip file maybe rest of them is not included but i recorded exactly as per Old list But as you know for Latin there is only "I will gather" ("male_gather" or "female_gather") Old structure voice issue: - each faction has a different structure - missing voice for each faction - it is not easy to maintain Actually, for these issues, I proposed we implement new voice structure 1 time for life https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ze2SBTjKxMTbAVMDUmJIAwjDLXFJy2kNzXzkI3wwP7U/edit
  9. Based on these error if im not wrong these 2 voices are missing: - "civ_male_gather" - "civ_female_gather" in Samulis zip file that shared (Old voice structure), we have these 2 voices - civ_female_gather_food_1.ogg / civ_female_gather_food.xml - civ_male_gather_food_1.ogg / civ_male_gather_food.xml
  10. @stanislas69 I'm not sure if @Samulis worked on new structure voices or not, this is from Samulis on Old structure: what you committed is based on old structure or a new one?
  11. this is great!!! let me know if there is any question or there is a part that i can help
  12. Thank you, Which style? old one or new structure? i prepared for both of them
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