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  1. dmzerocold

    Persian Translation complete

    Yes, already done. Samulis have them
  2. dmzerocold

    Please reduce speed of battering ram

    Yeah and not only when they gurt also when they really scare of something.... (for example fire) , they go berserk , when they berserk they kill ally units as well...
  3. dmzerocold

    Please reduce speed of battering ram

    I think elephants needs charge
  4. dmzerocold

    Persian Translation complete

    Even if you can find someone who can speak that language (not exist) , then no one can understand it
  5. dmzerocold

    Persian Translation complete

    Yes, it is not. that language is dead...
  6. dmzerocold

    Persian Translation complete

    you mean more texts may require voice? or you mean improving quality for those recorded ?
  7. Hello guys, im happy to tell you that Persian translation completed ! I will start to the review part next week and i hope to finalize it in 2 weeks @Farsi voice already done So in next (i hope) release Persian language and Farsi voice , should be part of main game
  8. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    @(-_-) i checked , only view details of wall remain same ... mechanic works fine and damage reduced ...
  9. dmzerocold

    How does one make rams at 14th min or earlier

    here you can find replays of good players also you can watch replay of ur games with that guy who built ram in less than 14 min to learn how he/she did it https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/468-alpha-23/ https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24650-0-ad-champions-cup/
  10. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    OK , so details page is not updated , for these 2 upgrade case ... to be sure later today i will test in action 1 catapult vs 1 Carthage wall and lets see, will update you here
  11. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    Acknowledged , first 2 questions is clear for me now, 3rd one is not yet, apparently this upgrade is not working for "crush armor" ... if its a bug , then do we need to have a ticket for it ?
  12. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    from this URL , can you please tell which one is related to above upgrade?
  13. dmzerocold

    0 A.D. Units Dataset For Analysis

    can you please share the exported file ? if you have
  14. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    Ok so because it is global , you have to decide 1 time , so not possible to change it.. if you go for 1 style you have to stick to it ... but maybe not a a bad idea to let player decide based on the game situation Also FYI, this upgrade doesn't impact the armor of wall (at it intention to) , at least not in details page of wall
  15. dmzerocold

    In-game question

    So it means we are going to have them for in future release for example in A24 , Do i need to mention it on translation text ? or translate it as it is , assuming it will include in later phase