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  1. Maya and Zapotec i think should have , no ? other 2 may require more time What kind of information / reference you are looking for ?
  2. Why 100+ ? lets say when you start the game there are 4 groups of camel on map ( 1v1 map , and each group has 4 camel and each group max is 10) normally 1 or 2 of them near you... and lets assume every 4 mins 1 mature camel add to each group (2 min baby , 2 min mature) so each group reproduce 1 mature camel every 4 mins , So after 16 mins in total 4 x 4 = 16 camel added in total i think you assume each camel reproduce a new baby camel, but what i propose is each group of camels reproduce 1 camel after x mins
  3. changing time during game or fixed time , so player can chose , all is good lets say X min if someone develop it changing time would be easy part ... I just gave an example it can be any time
  4. it can be configurable , but for me if its even always On its ok I also really like to see weather/season change during the game, or having day/night ... during night people use fire for better vision ...
  5. like reality , for small amount of food its ok but after a while you cannot rely on that as a source of food lets say at the begining of the game there is a group of elephant with 5 elephants ... lets say you dont kill them , after every 3 min 1 baby elephant add to their group and after another 3 min it will become a mature elephant .... and of course there must be max limit for example lets say 10 .... At the end considering current game play time it is not a big deal .... but really nice to see reproducing animals in wild instead of killing them in first 2 min and extinction
  6. does it means: 1- we have 1 core game , and each single civilization become separate from main game 2- user can install game and optionally install civilizations... for example i may only install Persian ... Am i right? interesting idea
  7. would be nice to have same idea for wild animals ... Empire earth had this one if i recall correctly
  8. Hi , i know WFG team is very busy and also they may have higher priority tasks than adding new civ .. like fixing performance etc .... ( also i hope they put new voice list structure in priority ) Anyway regarding the civilization these are my wish list... who knows maybe one day we can see them in game ======== First: Han , Qin , Zhou dynasty --> China Medes , Parthian empire --> Iran Gojoseon --> Korea ======= Second: Japan --> Yayoi period ( this one may not be feasible ) Hong Bang -- > Vietnam Adena --> native american (north) Maya , Zapotec , Chavin , Paracas --> south america (not all of them maybe 1 o r2 ) Noke --> around Nigeria
  9. dmzerocold

    How Do You Attack?

    this is my suggestion for you 1- At first try to learn mechanic of game , unit armors , different attacks etc + economic of game, you can find details in wiki i guess for example RAM has 50 pierce armor(99%) while it has 1 hack armor(10%) .... so it give you signal that never attack RAM with a unit with pierce attack (archer), but Hack attack is very useful against it (swordsman) 2- Keep in mind that you will learn more from your lost than your victory 3- Try to watch replay of PRO players not just as a movie!! it is a class, analysis the replay and take notes and categorize them for three stage of game [Early game / Mid game / Late game] for Early game: specify in details the build orders check if he scouted or not ( so based on his scout he may change his strategy... you need to know ) , for example look at last game of borg vs FeldFeld in final ... borg scouted FeldFled and saw the amount of citizen worker FeldFled had then immediately RUSH and finished the game.. so many things depend on situation , you cannot apply this strategy all the time .. if player start to rush in early game , specify exactly when? how? how many troops? blind rush or based on scout? write the like a film scenario Mid-game specify when they expand , when they build additional barracks ? how many farm they have ? did they change army composition ? if they expand how much is their population [ basically for each step you need to keep your eye on game time and population ] if a player go for all-in rush in mid game then try to capture all details , number of army at the time of attack ? active farms? army composition ? upgrade any? normally upgrade army should happen for late game Late game: same idea as mid game but you need to keep your eye on number of barracks , army buildings like number of fortress, army composition , upgrade units , population and time Remember early game is most important then mid-game and finally late game ... 4- write down your strategy, based on what you learned from replay... like a check list 5- start to play and try to use the strategy you wrote it doesn't matter what happen in game you lose or not , it works or not just follow your plan... till end of game 6- this may be boring for you , but watch your replay and try to find your mistakes, and in next game try to avoid it (you can compare your play style , build order with pro player and identify your mistakes ....) 7- try it again , and keep playing till you become master of that specific strategy! 8- Dont forget to enjoy from your game In summary - watch a pro replay , take a note and write down build order and - play alot of game and use same strategy over and over - watch your replay and detect your mistakes and try to prevent them... till you master that strategy Yes , you need for example using mele cavalry to counter catapult or rams ... stop focusing archers on ram ...etc , Destroy is better because keeping a structure outside of your territory is not easy capture enemy unit, i dont think it is developed yet currently all citizen soldiers are on meta, based on what i saw in pro players they dont use champions and normally rely on citizen soldiers .. + mech Ram /catapult , slinger , skirmisher so popular current meta , unfortunately players not use champions and rely on citizen soldiers , which i dont like ... so for example ram + slinger + skirimisher you can see them all the game nothing else .... which is really bad Yes
  10. dmzerocold

    Multiplayer saved game

    in SC2 , WC3 this feature exist unfortunately not here would be nice if someone can include it although there are higher priority stuff to add at the moment , in SC2 it works like this: user can save the game then when user wants to load the game a new screen appear and players can join (like a lobby) then one player start it and game continue from the state that saved ..
  11. dmzerocold

    Multiplayer saved game

    You can save , and load a multiplayer game but when load it then your opponent is not in game...(/it is like your opponent do nothing )
  12. dmzerocold

    My Open topics

    Hello, To track the status of my open topics I will keep all of them here in below list 1- New voice structure: - Structure proposed - Persian (new) voice recorded and ready for test Pending WFG team to decide Update [20181008]: Voice list updated based on new structure https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List Update [20181014] Itms will try to provide missing voice in new structure we need community to help 2- Persian language translation - Translation completed - Review completed Pending GDRP issue, when development start over J DEV team should fix render issue … so I can test Persian translation in DEV version Pending WFG team for clarification, AFAIK it is in progress but it is not clear when they can bypass this issue Render issue: Translation completed topic 3- Trader: camel - Persian trader (camel) , need a cameleer [apparently It was an open topic for long time but not closed yet ] - Other civ traders can garrison in RAM , but Persian trader cant … im not sure what is the conclusion , is it a bug? None of them should garrison in RAM , or all of them should? Or it is not bug and it should be like this … For me none of them should, because cavalry also cant.. Pending WFG team Old camel topic: 4- Gaia AI improvement Pending WFG team to decide 5 - Unit abilities ( mentioned by others as well [maybe] ) - melee cavalry/elephants : charge ability when they are attacking infantry (auto cast / enable disable) --> for me high priority to add , make game play better - ability to build canal / traps to kill enemy infantry or reduce speed of ram... (Enable/disable) ---> For me low priority but nice to have - ability to use ladder to attack walls / defense towers to kill garrisoned unit (Enable/disable)--> for me high priority to add , make game play better - Ability to build Not-mobile ram to destroy buildings , only deploy near wall or building to use it to destroy it (Enable/disable) ---> For me low priority but nice to have - Ability to use fire (building fire mound) to protect infantry against cavalry/elephant charge (Enable/disable) ---> For me low priority but nice to have - for archers , ability to use fire arrow (when its active reduce attack rate / increase damage to mechanical units , ram , catapult , chips , wooden buildings ...) (Enable/disable) --> for me high priority to add , make game play better Just some ideas im not sure what is the next step , anyone know>? WFG team should make decision? Topic: 6 Hunt & Gather food voice mechanic i proposed specific scenario for Hunt & gather food voice Im not sure if WFG team is going to consider it or not 7 - Wild animal & trees & berry & fruits reproduction (raised by community as well)
  13. dmzerocold

    Thoughts on this change.

    select building and press "delete" button on keyboard. ? it is fast , no ? or maybe i misunderstood
  14. dmzerocold

    Tips: Make your citizens consume food...

    @Grenefolc I think this one is for you @(-_-) are we going to include it in main game ? if yes , also with starving , losing health and death ?
  15. dmzerocold

    Tips: Make your citizens consume food...

    And what if food amount reach 0 ? starving and starting to lose health and death? if you want to apply this please also include this part as well