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What Type Of Computer Do You Own?

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Custom rig:

AthlonXP 2800+ Barton core

Radeon 9800 Pro 128 Meg

1 Gig PC3500 RAM

Audigy 2 Platinum

80 Gig hard drive

Chaintech 7NJS motherboard (Nforce 2 chipset)

Plextor 48/24/48 CD Writer

21" monitor flatscreen (not LCD)

Dolby 5.1 surround sound

And the best part... optical mouse

I spent a lot of money on this one... :)

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Customized, and will be getting a new custom one soon (hopefully). Using the same order as Cougar:

AthlonXP 1800

Nvidia MX440 - blah

512 MB DDR

On-board audio

40 GB HD

No-name mobo

Sony 8/4/32 CD Writer

17" Acer monitor

2.1 Altec Lansing Speakers

Optical ergonomic mouse (this thing's awesome)

Not much, but its home till i get money :)

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6 months ago it cost 1600€ I think. I'm not sure if you can still buy them since it was a special Aldi action, they were all sold half an hour after they were available (no kidding, some people even fought for it).

Aldi does this action twice - three times a year in Belgium, not sure about Germany though.

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Noname Custom made:

Motherboard: Intel D815EEAL with audio out all in one(+gpu)

Case: Noname

CPU:Intel Pentium 3 866EB mhz 256K 133MHZ

RAM: Noname 256 mb SDRAM PC-133

Video Card: Jaton Geforce 2 mx 32 mb ram

Sound Card: Creative Labs Sounds Blaster live! 256 pci

Modem: GRC shiznit

HD: Maxtor 30 gb

Optical Drives: 52x LG, Sony 32x-4x-8x burner.

FDD: Panasonic

Mouse: logitech optical

Keyboard: Noname shiznitz

Screen: TTX 8797

OS: Linux mandrake 9.1 with kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk

I also have a sound system plugged in it. When I play ET you hear Nazis die accross the house.

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Well, that's a nice thread :) I like those threads as long as my computer is still new :P

Okay, here is the Super-Fire-self built-machine:

- Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 800 MHz FSB with Hyperthreading

- ASUS P4P800-Deluxe Mainboard with S-ATA, RAID, Firewire and everything you can imagine (it was pretty expensive...)

- Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4800 SE with 128 MB

- 1024 MB DDR 333 RAM (yes, that's 1 GB ! Really rules if I use AoM, Photoshop and 3ds max at one time)

- 120 GB WD Harddisk with 7200 upm

- 40 GB WD Harddisk with 5400 upm

- 24x10x40x CD Burner, but will replace it with a new one tomorrow ;)

- 24x CD-Drive (from an old PC)

- 1.44 MB FDD

- 17" standard monitor (soon to be an 18" TFT)

- some cheap sound system

- Noname keyboard but very good one

- Noname mouse optical & wireless, great one (!)

- Acer WLAN IEEE 802.11b USB

- D-LINK 614+ Router

I guess that's it... don't want to list my secondary PC now, too :P

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Semi-custom-built rig:

Athlon T-bird 1GHz

PCChips 810LR mobo

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 32MB

30GB + 120GB HD's

No-name 250W power supply

Samsung 12x8x32x CD-RW

On-board audio

No-name speaker pair (love 'em :P)

Firewire/IEEE1394 controller


Linksys BEFSR41 w/ cable modem -> WAN (100Mbps segment)

3Com LinkBuilder FMS II 12-port hub (10Mbps segment)

(10Mbps segment uplinked to 100Mbps segment)


Microtek ScanMaker E3 SCSI scanner

TI microWriter PS35 laser printer -> :D

Various ink-jet printers

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