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I've noticed that Atlas now puts a <Garrison/> flag in the map XML file for buildings.

		<Entity uid="1569">
			<Position x="690.68207" z="792.24982"/>
			<Orientation y="2.35621"/>
			<Actor seed="46682"/>


How does this work? :) 

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Example in:  maps/skirmishes/Sicilia_Nomad.xml


	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3429"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3430"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3431"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3432"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3433"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3435"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3436"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3437"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3438"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3439"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3440"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3441"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3442"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3443"/>
	<GarrisonedEntity uid="3444"/>

It is replacement for

"Garrison": {
    "3434": [3435, 3436, 3437, 3438, 3439, 3440, 3441, 3442, 3443, 3444, 3429, 3430, 3431, 3432, 3433]

It garrisons entity on game init with entities in GarrisonEntity element.
No atlas ui was created for this yet.

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Either that, or the upper ribbon menu needs to be more dynamic (or have a 2nd ribbon for dynamic options). That's more difficult of course.

How about this. Normally when you move a unit over another object like a building that unit will turn red, but you can still move that unit over that object in Atlas. This is generally necessary to allow designers to be creative and put together some cool stuff in the editor. But what about a tiny little tooltip could pop up that says "Press and hold 'Alt' to garrison"? That could work. No extra UI work beyond that, except to somehow show what units are garrisoned in that building when it's selected. Also, allowing to ungarrison units if the designer wants. Yeah, needs more thinking. lol

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On 4/2/2020 at 6:11 PM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Hmm, I wonder how it would work. A drag n' drop feature? Drag a unit over a garrisonable building with a hotkey (like alt) pressed? 

For now, if you start the simulation in Atlas and garrison units, those will be saved correctly.

However, I understand that for many maps starting the simulation to get entities to garrison is a no-go, hence a UI for that ought indeed to be made :)

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