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Hey everyone, I just discovered this game, and I find it fascinating, but there is something that bugs me. I want to start a nomad game on a random map, but since I have no territory, I cannot even start expanding after beginning the game. I cannot build civic centers, storehouses to store my resources, nothing. Chances are I'm doing something seriously wrong, since as I said I'm brand new to the game, but it would be cool to hear some insights from a more experienced player. So what are the first steps in a nomad game when I just have my 9 starting units and 300 of each resources?

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The way I see it the nomad mode is a bit flawed and yet excellent at the same time.  Random maps throwing random resources will immediately doom certain civs right off the bat depending on geography.  In your best strategy you build a dock and hope for the best in gathering up to build a Civ Centre.  Part of it is a short mini-game within a game.

So to answer your question build a dock and immediately gather wood/stone/metal (thus placing your dock in an equal distance between all 3 being part of your fate/doom/win).

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