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Transliteration of Ancient Greek into English

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7 hours ago, Anaxandridas ho Skandiates said:

Give me an answer man :troutslap:   or at least a direction. Or at hint at what more action is required? :gandalf_w:

Surely the greatest work was the reading of tens of thousands of inscriptions and papyri to finally extract the accurate font designs for a hellenistic serifed Ancient Greek font. (Yes serifs were invented by Greeks too, first appear in an inscription of Alexander the Great according to all literature i've read.)

Once I know what actions are necessary I can also create a few variants to choose from.

Fonts are extracted by a python script and pre rendered for the game as a bitmap and a position text file for the game to find those chars. Few issues. Those are big (so big in fact that asian fonts should be bundled separately as mods) Those do not scale well with 4K resolution (and become blurry) 

I'm not really sure how the script works. I believe Itms does.

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What is it exactly what you want?

  • use the Greek alphabet (upper case only, simple, polytonic) for Greek specific names: can already be easily done with a mod
  • render the entire game in ancient Greek: can be done with a translation (transifex)
  • use a different font in game: requires knowledge of python script and possibly code changes
  • release a font you created into the public domain: does not require 0 A.D.
  • something else: ...
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Let's stay on topic. I'm asking for clarification because I'm confused: several of your posts in this thread appear to be talking about different things.

Posting what is desired is nice, but discussing how something could be implemented is important too. Some things that might seem easy are techically complicated (e.g. changing font), whereas some things that might sound daunting are actually quite easy (e.g. creating a mod).

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On 6/17/2019 at 8:32 AM, Stan` said:

As @wowgetoffyourcellphone said, specific names could be an option. Maybe @Freagarach could submit a patch for that if he wants to. There are not many occurrences of the word so it should be easy to make it togglable 

(D2126) For switching between specific and generic names as primary. Can easily be extended to actually not displaying the secondary.

Edit: extended.

Edited by Freagarach
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