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New civilization proposal: Moche or Mochica culture


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The Moche culture was an ancient andean civilization, which flourished in northern coast of Peru between 100 AD to 750 AD. It could be interesting to add this civ to the mod, though the timeframe is closer to the second part of the game, than that of "Empires ascendant"...


Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moche_culture

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Yes, it could be quite interesting too, I just wonder how much material  we have at our disposal, for references? Anyway, including some andean civ would be a great addition, and also adding the Mayas for precolombian civs to give a little challenge to zapotecs, who must feel really lonely now :P

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4 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

As always the more references the more likely they are to be made. :) If we could have data like the Kushites on every civ like this it would be really easy. Concept art would help.

That's the problem I found, not enough references... the guys of suggested this must be join to the forums.

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Here are examples of Moche warriors: it seems accurate, considering the current knowledge we have of them:





Moche Warriors with Spear Throwers, AD 450-750


Waterlily Ritual, Moche, AD 450-750


Moche Combat, AD 300-450



And here is a warrior priest (Lord of Sipan, named after the place where his rich tomb was found):



Another illustrations:


Moche Lord and Priestess, AD 450-750

Moche High Priest, AD 700, Peru by coricancha


A depiction of a human sacrifice:


Sacrifice for the Moon God


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Thank you, Sundiata :). These illustrations come from a book belonging to a serie called "les Voyages d'Alix",written in french unfortunately, more specifically from the volume about the incas, where they also show the previous civilizations.  The drawings of this serie are really good. You should see the reconstructions of Delphi, during the time of classical Greece, or Rome during the first century A.D. The books are available on amazon, but I don't think they're available in english...

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