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  1. Rise of the East updated to Alpha 21

    I mean, when the chinese fortress is built, the screen shows quite a few lines of errors, and when the building is selected, no siege unit can be produced, there's just nothing...this kind of error has happened before with the seleucid fortress, but has been corrected since...
  2. Rise of the East updated to Alpha 21

    By the way, there's currently a problem with the chinese fortress in the svn version, which can't produce any units in the last version...
  3. Zapotec woman villager and other little stuff...

    Nice! Both the dress, and the model
  4. Zapotec woman villager and other little stuff...

    Yep, but there's no zapotec woman in these pictures...
  5. Zapotec woman villager and other little stuff...

    https://imgur.com/gallery/kMrlg So you think this one is an aristocrat (the woman in the middle)?
  6. Zapotec woman villager and other little stuff...

    I understand. There's no need to make a model with this kind of dress, but it's about using an outfit with several colours, maybe two or three. And the woman should have braids. Like this, she should be distinguishable among other women villagers
  7. Wouldn't it be nice to change zapotec placeholders for females, here's an exemple: https://www.dreamstime.com/editorial-photography-zapotec-female-dancers-oaxaca-mexico-girls-dancing-wearing-traditional-colored-costume-holding-pineapples-image71003597 Also, adding little figures and decorations should deepen the immersion feeling for any player: - The famous bat deity Cocijo (god of rain): http://art.thewalters.org/detail/78411/effigy-urn-of-cocijo/ https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zapotec_-_Effigy_Urn_of_Cocijo_-_Walters_482788_-_Three_Quarter.jpg - The maize god Pitao Cozobi: http://art.thewalters.org/detail/80448/figural-urn-3/
  8. ===[COMMITTED]=== Egyptian priest icon from DE

    That's great news!
  9. (ROTE) ===Chin Shoushe Animated===

    Is there a chance to see the shoushe with servants animations committed soon?
  10. ===[TASK]=== New persian equipment

    Thank you Wow! As always, your mod rocks! If I may suggest another change, it would be to give servants to the chinese catapult as the other siege engines now possess
  11. ===[TASK]=== New persian equipment

    That's amazing! Coul you please post the files, wackyserious? I'd like very much to test these guys
  12. New persian unit

    Really? I have downloaded the lat version of your mod, but can't find those immortals...
  13. New persian unit

    Yep! Are they in Delenda est?
  14. New persian unit

    Hi everybody! Happy new year to you! Could someone tell me where I can find this gorgeous persian infantry? I was it on Justus github page:
  15. ===[TASK]=== Ptolemaic Emblem

    Ok, I understand now. I didn't know how tricky it was!