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  1. Tomcelmare

    Civilization proposal: Sinhalese/ Anuradhapura Kingdom

    Hello balduin, I'm sorry but I don't have much time these days...I'm working full time and my week ends are mostly spent outside (this saturday being an exception!) What I can say though, is that I've never given up on anything yet, so I will most likely dig deeper into the Anuradhapura kingdom history, when I'll have time. I agree with you, for a civ to be of interest, you need more materials, more distinctive features. That's what I'm looking for, features that would distinguish sinhalese ancient kingdom from the mauryas in terms of military : units, tactics, etc. Unfortunateley, I haven't found that yet...
  2. Tomcelmare

    Zapotecs 1.0

    @wackyserious Sure. You have my topic about zapotec woman, and this picture:
  3. Tomcelmare

    Zapotecs 1.0

    @wackyserious Pretty textures! If you have done graphics for woman villager, it could be interesting for zapotecs too...
  4. Tomcelmare

    Terra Magna Mod

    It would be really great if you designed a zapotec woman villager instead of the egyptian placeholder...I think there are plenty references now in the concerned topic...my idea would be a woman with braids, and a dress in one piece (huipil)...
  5. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    For the church, I think a simple one is OK, at least for the next millenium release. Later on, you'll be able to make a more ornated one It's just that it was shocking not to have one at all...But if anyone has another idea about the cross...Otherwise, I don't have much time these days but I'll try to find some references soon
  6. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    Please, don't forget to add a cross on the byzantine church :
  7. Tomcelmare

    Delenda Est alpha 23 - feedback

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone That's great news! Don't forget the chinese war chariot, in which the pikeman is constantly walking on his platform while the chariot is moving
  8. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    @Alexandermb You could use this model, it's a stylised byzantine cross, it's a jewel but I think it"s pretty safe as a model
  9. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    @Alexandermb Congratulations for this gorgeous piece of work! Now, only the cross on the church remains to do
  10. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

  11. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    @Alexandermb That's awesome! Now, just need the cross on the dome, plus one on the church
  12. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    @Alexandermb Good. But it needs a bigger dome Don't forget a big, golden cross on top, and add some crosses to the church too, it's important to emphasize this aspect of Byzantium. It was a stronghold of christianity for 1000 years, and it should strike the eye immediately
  13. Tomcelmare

    New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 23 "Ken Wood"

    Congratulations for the release!
  14. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone Yes! The colours are warmer, more vibrant, and yet, softer to the eye this way! The buildings should all be like these A golden cross on the top of the church should be good too!
  15. Tomcelmare

    Faction: Byzantines