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  1. Horse animations + actors update

    Fantastic job! Just commit it! Please...
  2. Minifaction: Nomads Xiongnu

    Any progress? I can't wait to test this civ with the new cavalry animations!
  3. I changed the address, the result is still the same. Nothing's working...
  4. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    The error type is "naval manager" ...
  5. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    That's what I've done, it still doesn't work...
  6. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    Thank you, but how can I do that? I don't think I understand quite well the procedure...
  7. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    How do I compile? I have updated again and again but it still doesn't work...
  8. Is the URL of repository still the same? I've been unable to play for a long time, because none of the last versions worked for me...
  9. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    Map: India, I have downloaded the last update, it's still the same... https://imgur.com/gallery/XtS2s I have tested other civs, maps, all the same. Though I've been able to access my civ...
  10. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    I report a bug in the svn game: when I start a game, I have no citizens or forums, only the enemies have. Plus they start at the extreme bottom of the map, not being able to build anything....it's been a week, I have updated the svn version several times, made other copies and new updates, but nothing is working so far...Is anyone experiencing the same problems?
  11. Spartan Structures

    Now, there's also a serious need of a new wonder...
  12. Spartan Structures

    That's awesome! Your building set really has a rustic feeling, nothing too fancy , the true spirit of Laconia! Simple, martial, spartan!
  13. Civ: Mycenaeans

    Such a pity that Aristeia did not make any significant progress lately...of all mods , it was the one I was expecting the most...What? Yes, I'm just a selfish player I really hope some inspiration will strike Lordgood and stanislas69 , so that egyptians and myceneans will be completed next year...