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  1. Victory bug in SVN version, terra magna crash

    You mean I have to report to niektb?
  2. Victory bug in SVN version, terra magna crash

    Ok. Here it is: ERROR: JavaScript error: globalscripts/sprintf.js line 182 SyntaxError: [sprintf] unexpected placeholder sprintf.parse@globalscripts/sprintf.js:182:1 sprintf@globalscripts/sprintf.js:48:1 colorizeHotkey@gui/common/color.js:140:1 updateHotkeyTooltips@gui/session/session.js:400:51 selectViewPlayer@gui/session/session.js:492:2 __eventhandler155 (selectionchange)@viewPlayer selectionchange:0:1 init@gui/session/session.js:306:87 reallyStartGame@gui/loading/loading.js:102:2 ERROR: GUI page 'page_session.xml': Failed to call init() function Engine exited successfully on 2017-03-30 at 16:05:04 with 740 message(s), 2 error(s) and 0 warning(s).
  3. Victory bug in SVN version, terra magna crash

    Here is terra magne error
  4. Victory bug in SVN version, terra magna crash

    I dunno...there is a number before: "[84 460]"
  5. Hello! I noticed a few errors in the current SVN version of the game, which cause the game to not take victory into account, though it is notified to the player on screen, but the game doesn't stop.The first error is : "Javascript error: line 182". Also, the terra magna mod does not work any more...That's it. I hope you'll be able to fix these errors
  6. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    @wackyserious Thanks a lot for your time and your explanations! Looks like too complicated for me anyway...I'd like to give it a try, but I'm afraid to break something in the game. Well, I'll just have to download it again if it happens. By the way, I saw your last upgrade picture, it's good but I still prefer the colours in page 6 of this topic: so colourful! So shimmering! So epic!
  7. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    @wackyserious Thank you for your answers. I do like your color variants! However, how do I create such a mod?
  8. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    @wowgetoffyourcellphone But it's not like in Wackyserious pictures, the spearmen have not been given the new outfit, only some of the champions, and as they're bending over, we can't even appreciate the details...a pity...
  9. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    I dunno which files I have to replace in the skeletal folder...the celt textures are already there in png but they don't work...
  10. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    I understand. Thanks for the explanations!
  11. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    Since last december? Or maybe it's not finished yet... Can I integrate the psd file in the game myself? If yes, how do I do that, please?
  12. ==[TASK]== Differentiating Britons and Gauls

    I didn't see these awesome new textures in the game (I play with the svn version).
  13. ==[Task]== African minifaction buildings

    Anyone can tell if the Kushite civic center will actually be based on the drawing from Juli51? I know Lordgood is working on it...well, it'll probably stay a mystery until it's completed
  14. I still think the unit experience system is too slow though...that's why players could choose at the fortress whether to dope the champions with extra attack points, or enable the civil units to get experience faster/instantaneously (like the system used in delenda est)...