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Quick update for A22 release


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Like last time, I'm waiting a while for the hubbub of the public A22 release to die down to release DE for it. I figured I'd list a few things that will go into DE2 over DE1:


  • Glory Statues and Glory Resource
  • Preliminary Kushites civ
  • Preliminary Chinese civ
    • A port from Rise of the East, with some substantial tweaks including a new tech tree from me and additional models from @stanislas69.
    • Should be 100% complete by A23.
  • A couple new very nice skirmish maps
  • A bunch of unit textures from @wackyserious.
  • Lots of fixes and minor changes; continuing to update the object portraits to the new better style for instance.


Plans for A23:

  • Finish Kushites
    • Work with Sundiata and balduin and others 
  • Finish Chinese
    • Mostly just technology work and Ministers.
    • Figure out a way to make the Conquest Civic Centers objective not bug out when the player upgrades his Civic Centers to Fortified.
  • Hopefully get more Glory Statues in
  • Finish more new skirmish maps
  • Tons more textures from wackyserious that didn't make it in this time, plus tons more textures by me.
  • Rework the blacksmith techs
  • Make some of the weaker civs more interesting
  • Research and implement mercenaries for the Mauryans
  • Struggle to fix all the bugs that will arise from /public changes.
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