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I open  here to add images that can be used for artist and request art related to Cities like Sparta or Athens, even Thebes.

"Ancient Macedonian soldiers, from the tomb of Agios Athanasios" Estimated to be dated around 4th century BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ancient_Macedonian_soldiers,_from_the_tomb_of_

The article about the the Macedonian phalanx in Wikipedia, also states that the successor phalanges where more heavily equipped and had longer sarissas (5 meters vs. 7.5 meters) in order to counter th

Posted Images

Figure 12: Thracian helmet








Reconstruction of the helmet at left 

zhelmets3.gif (3878 bytes)

zhelmets.gif (6858 bytes)











4th century bronze horned helmet


dhead22.gifFigure 21: Helmet from Moldavia combining Thracian and Boeotian features (Best)
Figure 22: Horned helmet, bronze, but apparently originally possessing iron cheek-pieces, 4th century, (Thracian Treasures no. 246) Archaeological Museum Inv. No. 3454, Bryastovets (Karagach), Bourgas district.  Height 23.7cm.  This photo is from the 1976 British Museum exhibition; click to see a larger view from the 1980 German exhibition (Gold der Thraker No. 242)










zhelmets2.gif (6987 bytes)





Helmet styles


2helmets.jpg (29760 bytes)macshield.jpg (25049 bytes)

Thracian silver helmet

North Thracian Silver Helmet, ca. 400 B.C.; ; height 24 cm (9 1/2 in.), Detroit Institute of the Arts

(Text from the DIA web site): The richly ornamented helmet was fashioned for a wealthy member of a northern Thracian tribe living near the Danube river in modern Romania or Bulgaria. It was hammered from one sheet of silver with a high dome to accommodate the top-knot of hair worn by many Thracians.

The main elements of the design are in low relief; the details were chased and engraved. On the brow piece fierce eyes with bushy eyebrows stare out. One cheekpiece bears a horned animal, the other a huge bird of prey with a fish in its beak and a rabbit in its claws. The back and upper edges are embellished with linear designs of rosettes, vines, feathers and scallops. The interpretation of the imagery is uncertain, but the motifs may refer to traditional myths well known to contemporary Thracians and appropriate to the elaborate armor of a warrior.




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Just now, wackyserious said:

I believe this is the reference that was used for the Spartan champion's aspis (shield) design.


The helmet, I'm sure @wowgetoffyourcellphone loves that helmet. becando some helmets for heroes more detailed? is only one unit.(8) by max.

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1 minute ago, wackyserious said:

The bulky and hard-edged lambda looks too modern, IMO. We need to research more about it.

No problem with the sun-rays and other motifs, the aspis asset has it.

That's we need Classic Greek artist, I'm most roman Imperial and Successors than Classic Greek.

@wowgetoffyourcellphone he was a very older modder in AoM heaven. the better with.

I made the  Mauryans set ...so for low or trash basic unit I make damaged and low cheap shields for them, may be use with some blood or firty. and for elite I give the nicer look.

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8 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

No problem with the sun-rays and other motifs, the aspis asset has it.

Yeah, but thru original wasn't planned to have those features. those AO textures or spec textures. was planned one, those effects were programmer later around 2011-2012.(Alpha 6-9).

Only the older like @Wijitmaker can say about them.

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Lambda as shield pattern is a later design. I would just update the current designs in the game if you want to do that. No use making 5 or 6 new variations of one design. 

When I say update the current designs, do for resolution of course but also to remove a lot of those baked shadows.

Just some thoughts. 

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