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Greek references.

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The article about the the Macedonian phalanx in Wikipedia, also states that the successor phalanges where more heavily equipped and had longer sarissas (5 meters vs. 7.5 meters) in order to counter the opposing phalanx formation of other successor kingdoms. This sacrificed the mobility of the predecessor Macedonian phalanx. The article cited Polybius' The Histories in the references. Although the article also had citations that lacked references.

For example, the article states that Plutarch compared the 5 meter sarissa and the 7.5 meter successor sarissa, giving his point of view that the longer ones are heavier and drained the stamina of the users even more

The article also stated that according to Livy, the successor phalanges where hardly capable to turn around, comparing it to the previous Macedonians phalanx, citing the Battle of Guagamela as an example.

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This is a development of the Corinthinian and appears in the late 6th century. Deepeeka do a simple brass version, probably from the early 5th century, which has been copied by other companies. It can be bought very cheaply. It develops into a helmet with hinged cheek pieces commonly used in Italy. The basic design lasts until the 4th century. The Indian versions tend to be very large.

Somewhat like the Chalcidian without the nasal bar and with hinged cheek pieces. Developed around the mid 5th century in one form or another it lasts through the Hellenistic period. It is very popular in India. Deepeeka do a 3rd century version in brass which I have not seen, and Armae do a better bronze version typical of southern Italy. Possible options for Hellenistic impressions, but neither are ideal.

The classic cavalry helmet was introduced before Xenophon's recommendation in the 360's BC. It becomes the standard cavalry helmet of Alexanders army, and continued in the early 3rd century. These are available in bronze from the group and can be customised with cheek pieces, interesting fastening systems, leather edging, wreaths and horse tail plumes. They can bin silvered, tinned or even painted white.


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