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Ancient Cities Kickstarter

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Hey guys and gals,

The following project looks interesting and could use your support in backing them. They are making a survival town builder but they focus on the start of citybuilding. You start as nomads and try to evolve your people into a culture. I backed it, I'm curious for the result. LInk below:



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If you want this game, you should back it :) No publisher will ever pick up a niche game like this. Support anyhow, if the project doesn't reach the target you get a full refund. Wanting it but holding off and seeing them fail is human self forfilling proficy ;)

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Now I see the problem: they made it a 14 days kickstarter.



We read that short campaigns could work well, and after Greenlight we did not want to keep away from development too much more time. This is why we tried to do it in only 2 weeks. Of course at this point we have realized that we miscalculated the time span. Time cannot be extended under Kickstarter rules, though.

This is our first KS after all, but we are learning a lot from it.


I think that they will relaunch a crowdfunding if that one isn't successful.

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