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  1. Ugh, okay, help

    Okay, lets try that again. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/common-api/entity.js line 29 TypeError: value is null m.Template<.get@simulation/ai/common-api/entity.js:29:1 m.Template<.resourceSupplyType@simulation/ai/common-api/entity.js:348:8 m.SharedScript.prototype.createResourceMaps@simulation/ai/common-api/terrain-analysis.js:400:35 m.SharedScript.prototype.init@simulation/ai/common-api/shared.js:211:2 InitGame@simulation/helpers/InitGame.js:78:2
  2. Ugh, okay, help

    This is the main warning I have encountered. ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js line 106 TypeError: this.gameState is undefined m.PetraBot.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js:106:2 m.BaseAI.prototype.HandleMessage@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:64:2
  3. Ugh, okay, help

    There are definitely some issues with AI allies in Alpha 22. Debug warnings consistently show up on large maps with AI that have allies.
  4. Champion Iberian Cavalry

    Champions and Women are both treated as different units when trained from the Barracks and House verse the Fortress and Civic Center, respectively. This is part of the reason why I never boom with Houses.
  5. New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas

    Actually, I didn't complete delete Empires Extended, I forgot I still had the files in Documents, so it will be even faster to port for Alpha 22.
  6. Visibility of Units

    This is one of the main criticisms that Darc has with the game.
  7. New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas

    0 A.D. has never looked better. The problem is, at this point I don't play it very much, because I am really tired of the AI and random death balls of units as fast as possible. I also accidentally deleted my Empires Extended mod that ported the Epirotes and Thebans from Delenda Est when I installed Alpha 22, forgetting that it would delete everything when uninstalling the old version before installing the new version, but it wouldn't take more than a few hours to port over again.
  8. Between this nonsense and GameStop killing Impulse after they acquired it from Stardock, with Supreme Commander Gold and Stardock's stuff being the only thing from there I still have access to, because THQ apparently switched it to Steam before they went belly up. I hate DRM and Steam, but if everything else is just going to die off. I am willing to bite the bullet and really use it, because at least it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. Windows 10 exclusive, it just figures Microsoft would pull that nonsense. If the old games actually worked on Windows 10, most people who still have the original version wouldn't feel like they absolutely had to get this version. I have the original version of all three of the games, AoE, AoE2, and AoM, that have been remastered, but the only reason I can't play them is because my XP computers all quit working at basically the same time.
  10. I would, but I can't afford to back anything. I haven't even backed Star Citizen yet, even though I believe in the project.
  11. This looks extremely interesting, very similar to some of my ideas, though I would have technological progression through future tech and into space. Kind of like a 4X, but more planet focused.
  12. It was good to see Day9, since I kind of stopped watching him since he stopped making StarCraft II content and switched to Hearthstone, though since I recently got into Hearthstone and he will be back for StarCraft Remastered, maybe I should start watching him again.
  13. Number 2 is a legacy thing from several Alphas ago when rank upgrades where a thing.
  14. Fastest to 300

    The numbers are worker count.
  15. Gameplay Pattern?

    I never play low pop games, and don't train more than like five Worker Elephants anyway, so I think they are a pretty good trade off between mobility and micro. I mean how often does one really build new Farmsteads or Storehouses, Farmsteads aren't needed in mass, for Stone and Metal Worker Elephants are fairly efficient other than being too slow to keep up with workers when moving to a new resource node, and for Wood moving a Worker Elephant replaces building a new Storehouse. I love walls, but even as a solo player against AI, I have a hard time making effective use of walls, mainly due to the difficulties with snapping to terrain. I haven't played Random maps much in recent alphas, usually favoring Skirmish these days, so the Iberian walls aren't as much of a factor for me, though I do like their rather varied unit roster and excellent Defense Towers. I believe the Carthaginian Embassies could use some attention, because the build limit on them severely limits the options for using mercenaries. If it wasn't for me insisting that a limit of one favored training time reduction over cost reduction back when there were technologies for mercenaries, then we would probably still have a limit of one instead of two, which I am now starting to think might still be too limiting. I have made the embassy limit work for me, because I just prefer the Iberian Mercenaries due to the fact they provide access to more units and the core for a ranged army, since Swordsmen are more fragile than Spearmen.