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  1. Wait, so citizen-soldiers behave differently based on what type of infantry unit, when gathering resources? Well, that explains why some people feel the system is broken. If they were standardized when gathering resources, I think that would go a long way toward fixing the system.
  2. Indeed, which is why, for example, MULEs, Spawn Larva, and Chrono Boost are important in StarCraft II, separating the good players from the average players.
  3. Map design is indeed going to be extremely important. Farming is so extremely important right now, simply because many maps don't necessarily offer many foraging opportunities and herding isn't fully implemented yet.
  4. Interesting ideas. On the subject of territories, I think some of the issues can be mitigated with better map design.
  5. Unfortunately, formations haven't been fully implemented yet.
  6. If my units aren't gathering, then my army isn't doing its job. The other day, I played a multiplayer match, a little Roman FFA on Tuscan Acropolis, and I used the approach I outlined. The matched ended with the host ending the game because it started dragging on, though I had clearly won, with very little expansion, I ended up losing my initial extra Civic Center before eventually recapturing it, and good use of Entrenched Army Camps. All of this talk of booming and Champion spam on these forums, and I thought for sure I wouldn't win with my approach, but I did.
  7. Even with the Citizen-Soldier system, I still separate my economy from my military to a certain extent. I use Female Citizens to gather food and wood, ideally totaling about 6 to 8 batches for farming since foraging is always exhausted quickly, which will probably change once the Corral trickle is implemented, and about 6 to 8 batches dedicated to woodcutting depending on how much wood is needed, and dedicated Citizen-Soldiers, that cost food and wood, in order to gather stone and metal, totaling 2 to 4 batches for each. I usually group my ranged infantry, melee infantry, ranged cavalry, and melee cavalry into separate groups for my army, and use the infantry for building structures for reaching new phases and houses until I reach the population cap. I actually don't use Champions very much, only if I feel I need to augment my Citizen-Soldiers with them, which is usually true for the Spartans and Mauryans.
  8. The Thebans have their own unique thing, the Pyrobolos or Fire Raiser. Also, the dynamic between the formations, especially the Phalanx, with its caveats for the various city-states, the Syntagma, and the Testudo, will go a long way toward adding diversity to the various Hellenic factions and combat in general.
  9. All of the Hellenes factions are needed in order to properly do the campaigns in Part 2: Empires Besieged, and actually the Thebans and Epirotes will probably be needed too, in order to capture all of the major conflicts in the Greco-Roman world. Also, proper naval combat will really help flesh out the Athenians, Ptolemies, and Seleucids.
  10. I have been arguing for the Thebans too, in order to round out the Greek-Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War for the campaigns in the future, and the Epirotes, especially Pyrrhus of Epirus, were too prominent not to include, and it looks like the Scythians will also be included in Delenda Est eventually, so porting them from Delenda Est was all too necessary for me.
  11. We already tried the multiple paths route. Originally the Athenians, Spartans, and Macedonians were one faction, the Hellenes, which had the choice between the Greek city-states (which also included a bit of the Thebans, in addition to the Athenians and Spartans) and the Macedonians, while the Britons and Gauls were one faction, the Celts. Eventually it was decided to divide the Hellenes and Celts into several more distinctive factions, which eventually led to the decision to add the Mauryans and the Successor States.
  12. Yeah, and that is just the Random maps, with the new ones in Alpha 21 actually being square, which I know is a known oversight. Some of the Skirmish and Scenario maps could also use some attention. Mediterranean Coves has a few unreachable trees and/or bushes on the edges of the map or cliffs that aren't actors, which is probably also true of at least a few other maps, but that is the main one I have noticed since it is a favorite I play on a lot. There are also a few Scenarios that are also square, but that has been an ongoing discussion for awhile now, so I don't expect that to be changed overnight.
  13. Isn't there also a sandbox mode for Petra that prevents the AI from doing much of anything?
  14. I nearly have 0 A.D. Empires Extended ready for a release, I just need to make sure I am not including any unnecessary files, especially art files. It will be compatible with Alpha 21 only, but as far as I know the only conflict with SVN at present is the changes to the Sentry Tower files, so it won't be that hard to port to the next release so far.
  15. I have never liked the limit in the first place, and if it wasn't for me making a case for making it a limit of two, due to a limit of one clearly favoring production speed over cost for the old mercenary techs, otherwise it would still probably be one.