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blender noob trying to export

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I've successfully made some props in blender and exported to 0ad but I'm running into trouble with skeletal meshes.  First I import a collada file (in this case it's "mods/public/art/meshes/skeletalf_tights.dae", which i renamed "humantest.dae" and it works fine).  I check "import units" when I import.  Then I export.  I have tried checking different boxes, but I always get very grotesque deformities including backwards props.  mostly the guy has extremely stretched out bones and sometime inverted joints (i can upload pictures).  The animations still work.  I'm sure this is a simple fix but I've read the tutorials and examined the .dae files and haven't yet noticed the thing that's causing the deformities.  What am I missing?  I appreciate any advice or resources y'all can offer. 



EDIT sorry if this belongs in another section.  you may move it if thats better.



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Fist a question these are deformities that show up in the 0AD engine or in blender if in the engine you may need to write a proper XML description for the engine to define it have look here http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/AnimationExportTutorial for help also check the Development link at the top it goes to our wiki.Of course stan or LordGood may chime in;) with a more specific answer.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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I ran into quite some trouble editing skeleton meshes for this game. First of all, i need to ask: What do you want to do ? If you want to make new anims, easiest way would be to load @Enrique's blendfile for new units meshes as they will be the standard whenever he comes back to finish them. Use the Zip on first post here. You don't need to import the mesh, only edit the armature and save the anim. If you want to make a new mesh for them, rig it to the new armature, and export it (do not touch the armature in any way) (You need to export the mesh + the armature)

Else I have somewhere a working old armature, that you can rig new meshes of your creation to.

Also the last posts here 


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My thinking was that learning how to import an existing skeleton and then export it would be a good starting point to then teach myself to make modifications to the mesh alone or rescaling the mesh and armature.  It's looking to be a bit more complicated than I had thought.  I didn't know anything about rigging coming into this so I should probably start there.  thank you.

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