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Look and sounds some familiar [ AoeII mod] based in 0A.D?

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Yeah, I linked the author of this mod to the concept art of the Roman buildings in 0 A.D. so I'm not surprised to see some similarities in the buildings. :)

But indeed it seems he re-used quite a lot of 0 A.D. sources (notice some ground textures, especially the decal of the buildings. Also check out the building icons.) I must say that the ground textures look pretty good in the AOE2 engine ;)

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Mayorcete here. I told him about this days ago and he says he was part of the 0 A.D. team when it was still a mod for AoE2. Maybe he is talking about that mod about romans? Perhaps somth after that?

Anyway. Look at this Rise of History. His team really ended up creating a really nice game with a really nice AI. Also. He showed some egyptian units and stuff. Material I haven't seen anywhere else. I do believe he is very capable of doing all this stuff himself, so I see no need for him to "steal". I do of course see that some of the 2D art comes from 0 A.D. and stuff like that but... meh. I don't really care. Even tho... He said that a lot of things the community complained about where just placeholders. So it is suposed that he took those things at the beginning, yes, but he was going to replace them (and as far as I saw he replaced a bunch lot of material).

Anyway, as I stated before I don't really care about who made this or who made that. What I really care about is enjoying and promoting these 2 projects and anything similar I can find. I can tell you I love 0 A.D. and I love Rise of History because I love Age of Empires and your fine work. All I can say is that I wish you could get along and even share the community " I " am building from making video content out of your games.

Here is my advice, 0 A.D. team. Talk to each other and try to find out what he did and what he did not do in 0 A.D. or anything related to Wildfire Games. In case he is really taking somth from you to use it on his mod (and in case he is not using it as placeholder for now) just go and ask him for credits. That's it. As simple as that.

Now with that said I'm off to record some nice stuff for YT. This very day I'll be streaming 0 A.D. testing that Pompey map.

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