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[Gameplay] Alpha 18 Balance Feedback


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I dont know if they are Op, but Schyt changes that in SVN, I miss powerful vs tower super slinger.

As I say before slinger is a unit in AOE can deal with defenses like the skirmisher in AoK.

I really didn't understand at all. Can you rewrite the thing that you miss?

IRC, slingers in AOE had a bonus against towers, but not skirmishers of Aok, that were bad against defenses.

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@Av93 The first part it's not important, I was talking about the developer (Scythetwirler) who made the changes, so he fixed that. But .. I'm not convinced at all.


About AoK

Not a bonus, but are very good dealing with them, and yes sir against a tower ( yes you understood me , very well) that was I said. A skirmisher have good attack vs a tower level 1, brace yourself. Even I show you the video where I saw. Obviously one skirmisher can't destroy it but have more opportunity than an archer, but why because have a good pierce armor. If think how cost an archer vs skirmisher in AoK, may be the skirmisher is best.

Check minute 27:41

In the gameplay he try defending with towers ( avoiding the rush strategy) but he was attacked by skirmishers and, get angry and say "the skirmisher have very good defense about arrows attack ( pierce armor?)

I tried to prove that and is true, but not exactly like AOE but similar. AOE is more simple don't have cut-pierce-crush system only have bonus.

Indeed they are weak but they are archer counters, obviously you can't use against castles or improved tower, but you must try to analyze the video.


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Skirmisher and slinger must be counter part skirmisher can take down cavalry ( ranged and elephant killers) slinger are weak against cavalry. But except may be one type Cataphracts.

Those based in real battles skirmishers as support in Macedonian army and Roman army in Punic wars vs Carthage

Slinger take down defenses and mobile archer machines ( siege towers and Assyrian ram) but not they are not enoght vs super defenses, ( fortress/ turrets / improved mobile machines and siege ranged machines)

Slinger have must a good pierce armor , but not the best like cavalry( heavy cavalry).

Note: the armor no implying a real armor( visual), armor can represent the skill to avoid some type/ kind attack

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Make no sense for slinger to take down siege towers and ram.

you think in Jew-roman war they have good slinger and fire archers. Massada was not easy to take, ( I can't find the reference of tower be burning by archer and soldier get killed by slinger) but slinger have crush attack, a single slinger can take a tower obviously that stupid but several slinger can create damage, but don't with heavy armored with metal pieces. Be then archers and slinger , over a wall can try to give damage, we haven siege machines over walls yet.the siege Rams need forces to moved, slaves, and judean were powerful slinger. But best method is incinerated by arrows, or cavalry attack( heavy armored cavalry)


But about slingers, are one of the. Bad unit of the game. Other alternative is imitating slinger in AOM or Rome Total War

Slinger in a siege can perform some damage

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It seems like a lot of suggestions are centered around the stats of units. It seems redundant to continually adjust them based on everyone's input. It might make sense (if possible) to build a stat modification interface. It would be similar to the scenario editor, but with the ability for people to quickly and easily adjust unit stats.

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I think the range of javelin cav should be increased. Right now, they are basically useless, but they need to ne right next to an oponent to attack. Range increase, please. That, or increase the armour a lot. Also, companipn cav need to be stronger. They are not cost effective at all, and that limits Macedonia and the Seleucids melee cav options be an insane amount.

-edit. Sorry for double message (I removed it)

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