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  1. perhaps a specific time duration for the pause as well as how many times a player may pause?
  2. But to get back on the complaint, will something be done about these mauryan warriors? I just got destroyed by 30 of them in a game within five minutes and i have huge defenses including pierce and hack units, only to see that their high armour (60+ for almost everything) make it seem like i was tickling them... its getting increasingly frustrating to play this game if someone uses mauryans... This will be the last post on the matter from me as i do not want to saturate this sub.
  3. This offers great insight. I just hope that our opinions, where and when appropriate, are taken into some form of consideration
  4. No unfortunately this cant happen... all you can do is ask them to leave...
  5. I understand that completely... but apparently members have been dedicated to work on certain things such as balancing...and its been unbalanced for the past 2/3 alphas. But fair enough, the point on providing evidence does help...
  6. It is supposed to be the job of the creators or anyone involved in the making of this game to seek for evidence if many people bring up the statement. It is not the responsibility of the players. Although the latter is always helpful im sure
  7. yes we weren't disputing that fact.... destroy 3-4 crucial buildings more like... even with a heavily towered and defended CC. Before Lion or someone else raises the fact that they are akin to siege weapons therefore towers are not the option...at least there is some credibility to a battering rams' armour since its a wooden shell. But these ultimately are humans. Towers are to defend against humans. If anything, dont nerf their damage, but reduce their armour. Its not necessarily about being realistic, but about being proportionate. Also, since the game still needs work with balancing, i really wonder whether the addition of capturing should be added in the next release as that will definitely have a huge toll on the balancing. A priority must be set, and until it has not been completed it has to be dealt with. @: Alekusu and Bouke: Thank you very very much for having the time to provide evidence to my statements This!! Exactly took the words out of my mouth. Lion, in order to see our opinions and understand them as well as be heavily involved in the game it is vital you find a way to get online! It is the only environment that allows to gauge for balance and feedback, and to be perfectly honest; online play is very likely to be the essence of this game to players. Lastly, when i said stonethrowers, i meant slingmen, sorry to create any misunderstandings. Although as someone said its about knowing which units to counter.
  8. oh man....just ask some of the most experienced players in the lobby...they all agree on this...i dont lie about this. im most certainly not the only one
  9. I think out perspectives clash because i base my opinions on online play, with certain people who have been with this game since alpha 15. Do you play online Lion?
  10. I dont know about you, but online we havent seen any capture mechanism?? one what? man their armour and crush is insane..a team of 20 sneaking into your base from whatever side no matter how many towers you have destroy CC in no time at all... its just its not proportionate...
  11. also stonethrowers seem to be the basis of every army anyone plays..they are overpowered too.
  12. Yeah those Yoddha warriors....its not even funny how overpowering they are
  13. Hello zzzippy, always cheerful i find you (its dmc btw) yeah this game isnt too balanced i dont think. I mean i was used to 15 or 16. But i liked that the matches would end quicker. Now it takes really long to destroy cc's and the likes, and the problem is that some players dont enjoy spending 1 hour or so on every match...granted some matches are fun for an hour, but if all of the are like that then it can get very boring.. I've heard similar things from other players too who are at uni or career, where at this point we enjoy playing a quick round or two rather than not bring a game to conclusion within an hour.. most players cement themselves down with tons of forts and towers, making the gameplay unbearably long...perpetually long... also i completely agree with KingAJ
  14. hello, im diego, and im italian but in UK. my gaming nickname is the first half of my university login, and this nicname is the english/arabic spelling for bahrain, a country in the middle east that i grew up in
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