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That does indeed look good, but the shingles in the roof could look a bit darker. And perhaps when you're even more bored you could add those patterns in the walls (the ones shown in reference) besides that it looks great! Oh and well done on the roof texture, it looks a lot better than "okay", it's more the walls I'm concerned about.

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now we have a fortress tied in height with the Britons, oh dear i edited the mossy tiles a bit to fit the rest of the texture pack better, just color value and saturation stuff

A little update : Finally found a way to render colors just like 0ad does in Blender. In Cycles you have to use those nodes.

very nice, I blanketed all the textures with the one normal and spec map and it calmed them down enough to fall into place with the rest of the Gaul pack. It's going to need its own Ofc , but I'd like

Posted Images

Hmm I may have forgotten to add the good references for this buildings. Never too late:


Unfortunately it doesn't show the wall patterns I spoke about.

Anyway for fun here's some other Gallic references for buildings (odd wording, sounds like a Gaul gave me these images):


Gallic Theatre it seems. http://www.luern.fr/index.php?mod=scientifique&act=theatre&id=43


^^ Celtic Tavern http://www.luern.fr/index.php?mod=scientifique&act=marche&id=24


Tavern again. Oh and just wanna point out that your roof texture looks very similar to the image before this, so that's good.


http://www.luern.fr/index.php?mod=scientifique&act=marche&id=20 ^^ Marketplace.


Houses ^^ http://www.luern.fr/index.php?mod=scientifique&act=habitat&id=25

Edit: I saw my earlier images show the wall patterns I spoke about.

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The article is saying : "since last autumn". The grave is the one of a prince around 500 BC and is advertised as "one of the most remarkable of the Celtic culture for the Hallstatt era (800 to 450 BC)". They're hoping to discover more, since the aera is really large. It's in the north of France and was discovered during the mandatory research before building new commercial buildings.

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Ok, so, I have to translate the whole article :-)

They are saying that the grave is similar to the Vix discovery (by the number of objects and size) or Hochdorf (in Germany). But the team thinks the cauldron is etrusk or greak (the heads are the one of the greak god Acheloos).

They are speaking about other objects, but without picture, so I'll eventually come back with more information if I stumbled upon...

Anyway, that was just in case the artists among you would be interested :-)

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I could but if it´s not for eyecandy i do not see a reason to make them. Great find though :)

May be as Social Technologies or Burial Rituals, for me is important each faction leave marked their believes as technologies bonus.

obviusly this possibly is when we have Unique Tech Tree

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Two more suggestions for the Gauls:
- "The Helvetii, having followed with all their wagons, collected their baggage into one place: they themselves, after having repulsed our cavalry and formed a phalanx, advanced up to our front line in veryclose order." - Caesar Gallic Wars XXIV
- "The Nervii, led in a compact mass by their commander Boduagnatus" - Caesar Gallic Wars 2:23
- "The Gauls were still standing in close order behind their shield wall." - Livy, History of Rome book 10
Basically, a shield wall formation for the Gauls.
- "At daybreak the signal was made; and the entire host, having formed up in the forum, gave a cheer, and raising their shields above their heads and locking them, began the ascent." - Livy, describing the Gallic testudo at the Battle of Allia
- "The Gauls advanced to the attack with shields locked together above their heads, fresh troops continually relieving them when they were tired." - Caesar Gallic Wars 7:85
A Gallic Testudo.
Anyway, to do with the unit armor for tier 2 Gallic troops, I have references for more accurate armors:

^^Research from Total War Rome II for Celtic Leather armour. The mod for Rome II Divide et Impera displayed this armour slightly differently to Rome II:

m7KFe.jpgb6OTN.jpgYou'll notice they made it more colourful. Anyway, my suggestion is that Tier 2 Gallic troops wear leather armour, similar to that in the above images. Some other references for this armor are:




First image is of a Gaulish Noble wearing Leather armor, which is why it looks more decorated. The second one just briefly mentions leather armor, and the last one is of some Celts fighting the Etruscans, probably in the 4th Century BC.

Now, for the Tier 2 unit helmets, they should at least get a Coolos:

From the Rome at War mod for Mount and Blade Warband:


Those are all my suggestions for the Gallic military in 0ad.

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