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[Millenium A.D. Part1] Saxon Architectual Reference Pack

Le Druide Gaulois

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On 2/12/2015 at 2:18 AM, Le Druide Gaulois said:

Here's the stable, the inside structure is quite complex, so I hope the drawing is understandable. As for all the Saxon roofs, it would be more accurate if they were all flat (and not sectioned as the celtic ones) and dark brown. The Norse roof structure could be reused here.


I guess it's the stables I used the above reference to do it :)

Here is some eyecandy, maybe can be used as gathering rate booster with a proximity restriction


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Well I guess it can be reused anyways so that's not a loss. Not sure about the blacksmith sketch though. I remember a blacksmith I met in coventry telling me that having a forge outside is the best way to get rust everywhere when the morning comes. 

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I kinda agree with lion, there should be something else within the barracks to differenciate them from the cc and give them a more good looking as barracks.

Perhaps not an 'accurate' approach of how they were but how would you like it to be?

Or more barracks props around it? An extra wing, dummys around one side

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