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how open ports for 0AD multiplayer match?


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Hi all,

My friends and I have a hosting problem. It seems that we all opened ports and added 0ad into allowed applications in the firewall options. However, we cannot join each other games. Somehow it changes time by time. Here are my router and firewall settings. It's the same settings for all of us. 

Could someone help us to solve this problem? All ideas are welcome. Thank you.


Router Settings.png

Firewall Settings.png

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I've recently discovered that there was another place to disable the router's firewall. If you have trouble to join games try this one. It wasn't in the firewall tab but it was in the status tab. If you disable your firewall you can join games in the lobby. No error message. It worked for me. I hope it works for you too.



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Idk why I have no trouble hosting or joining the game using Mac OS X. The pc just promt me if I will allow the net from joining my hosting. I don’t bother to check my security settings but seems like they are on. The pc just ask confirmation of my user password and that’s it. 

Though my pc was corrupted a bit by Mac cleaner, bing etc when I DL a mod last time and having trouble getting rid of it short of resetting my pc to factory but that’s a huge endeavor since I have to re DL apps and things. 

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On 3/27/2018 at 6:23 PM, Xerus said:

Yes I joined via the exact IP. I had already tried it with a router inbetween, that didn't make any difference, and shouldn't be at all advantageous. The weirdest thing is that I couldn't even get them together via the multiplayer lobby.

I am a developer myself so I am open to explore some debugging and maybe even contribute. I was searching for an alternative to AoE2 since it didn't work appropriately on Linux, found this game and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, not being able to play together obviously prevents the switch and popularization in our LAN parties.


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I also have very often problems to connect to games. In my case, however, it has a random nature, about 70 % of the games work fine and 30 % have problems. It also happens that I join a game without any problem and just in the second the host clicks "start game" I am disconnected and then I cannot join again. As I said, with about 70 % of the games it works fine, but there is roughly a 30 % of the games which I cannot join, even if the host is the same person always with the same computer and configuration.

These are the 3 errors I usually receive:


When I get the next one, it just stays there forever and I have to close the game:



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