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I'm begginer and I need help


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Hello. I'm from Brazil (sorry for my english ;S), I love strategic games and I'm new here.

My experience with RTS was with Stronghold I and Crusader. I never played AoE before. It's very hard to fight with another players. I'd like some tutorial, hints for basics or videos.

I'd like play with the Romans. I can read in english, spanish or french (basic)

More one time, sorry for my english.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

I'll be making some videos soon on various strategies, I've just haven't had the time ;)

I assume you mean against the computer players?

This best applies with the current alpha.

The AI attacks 15-20 minutes.

Its best as a beginner to focus your attention on building rather than attacking. Do not build walls early, unlike Stronghold, 0 A.D. Needs more planning and time to build walls, which is valuable time you need to acquire resources.

Build as many farms and have your woman farm them with soldiers. The soldiers will offer protection.

Once you have at least 4-5 farms, use any spare units to mine stone. Once you have enough stone, build lots of towers around in your town. They will repel an attack an attack with ease. After you have built enough towers start mining iron.

Now for military side of things, if you find it hard coping with the enemy coming into your town, make use of Roman cavalry. They fast, pretty strong and can be used to divert attention from your town.

*While you this method, your villagers at home need to be mining every resource*

I've tested many tactics against the AI and something that works quite well is, if you get a cavalry army of about 15-20 units and attack the enemy's building, retreat - the AI will go looking for you like an adamant detective and will follow your cavalry anywhere. Sometimes they will pursue you but will revert back if your units are out of sight.

Some people say that the best strategy is to build a civic center near the enemies town, I don't agree. It has advantages and disadvantages. I think its unnecessary early in the game. My way is ceasing all the iron mines you can find by building towers and guarding them with cavalry. Use your cavalry. They fast and effective. Best you avoid the hoplite and spearmen as they appear to have an attack bonus vs cavalry. Why you guard iron mines with cavalry is that the AI will suck the map dry like a carnivorous beast once it has mined all the resources near its town, they will venture out and mine any near by. So the cavalry cuts them down. This has its advantages for you to cease those mines and use it to build armies with.

Once your resources have increased, start training a legion of infantry. You can either attack straight, or use attrition.

Romans can build wooden forts and wooden walls (palisades) in enemy territory giving the Romans a lot of options and the most flexible civ in the game. Forts are strong, and offer protection to your soldiers.

When you march your soldiers in the enemy territory, build a fort and station all your units inside it. The enemy will not take it down. They will pour out and attack in swarms but when they eventually stop, train many more soldiers in the fort to double your numbers. Then you can choose to attack all out, or keep them piling up dieing at the fort, you can draw them in with cavalry, guerrilla style, or just make them eventually run out of resources attacking you

These are just a few out of hundreds of ways, but this I find works well against the current AI ;)

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I hope this isn't too basic.

If you select 'random maps' you are able to change the difficulty of the computer player and the number of players. I suggest changing it to easiest with one player and focus first on your economy first if you have not had experience playing a game like this before. Having a strong economy makes it easier to build a large army. As you become better you can add more players and raise the difficulty.

One other thing that might help. Women have bonus gathering for berries and farms. Civilian soldiers have bonus gather rates for hunting, wood, stone and metal.

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Easier way is to start by making 10 ranged units - Bowmen, Skirmishers, whatever you can make - and rush them across the map to the enemy's position. Stay out of range of the Civil Center, kill their resource gatherers. This gets you more time to build up.

Have Women gather fruit and meat first, while men cut wood, have women build farms when they run out of food to gather. Make 5 more women early, keep making men, cutting wood and building houses until you can advance to the Town phase. Start mining Stone and Metal after you reach the Town phase, you don't need them before that.

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I played few games against AI. I can defeat AI Medium. The most of my games are against humans. I know the move basics, like use woman and male for collect resources.

My problem is with the expansion and make a strong army:

Which hero I choose for example? Which upgrad I chosse for the troops?
The towers shoot without rangers troops in them?

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We can't document which hero or upgrade to chose. As we're constantly looking to balance it. That means, you should be able to win with any hero or technology chosen, but every choice you make has implications on your play style, and if you know the play style of your opponent, you should also make the choices according to that.

But, because it's constantly being rebalanced, we cant give those answers, as they will be totally different in two weeks.

One thing though, heros aren't used a lot currently. They do have auras, but their auras are generally a bit weak (certainly not stronger than a single technology, while they're a lot more expensive, and can be killed). I think, in the future, those auras will be made stronger, but until then heros are still pretty much useless.

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It varies depending on which faction you're playing. Build a balanced force, protect your missile troops behind a line of spearmen, use swordsmen to support both, cavalry to protect the flanks. The details of what works best for you, you have to learn by doing.

Yes, towers shoot with nobody in them, but their rate of fire is much higher if you fill them with missile troops.

Scout with cavalry, look for narrow places the enemy will have to come through to get to you. Defend those places. Some maps don't have any, but sometimes you can control a large part of the map by defending small areas like that.

Build Storehouses near resources, and research resource-gathering technologies quickly.

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I have new questions.

Whichs builds attack the enemy without ranger units in them? Like Towers and Civil Center.

I think towers, civil centres and fortresses.

And I want know more about differents types of attack and defense. Like Hack, Pierce...

When calculating damage each type is done individually and then the three types are added together to give the final damage. So pierce armour only affects pierce attacks.

The way armour works is that each point reduces damage by 10%. So a unit with 5 pierce armour will take 10% less damage vs a pierce attack than a unit with 4 pierce armour. The damage reduction percentage is shown in the tooltip.

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