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  1. In a18 I don't had this type problem.
  2. I downloaded the a19 32bits and have many problem graphics with this new version. I wanna try with the 64bits.
  3. I saw your video again. I have some quesions. You only have 5 skirmishs on Stone snd Metal? How many womans You have on wood? I try observe, I count 15-20 womans, correct? I make this in my build, but I continue make soldiers at 10:30, tomorrow I will try get Phase at 8 min to test it.
  4. @Tango I play with Romans since a16, but this release are impossible played against arches mass or slingers. My solution was to use Seleucids I'm using Archs Cavalry about 3 weeks ago. But I use them only in the mid game to harass my oponent, expand and begin Phase 3, or make him resign. Since last week I'm testing other stratategy with Seleucids, rapid expansion with the colonies and Tower Rush. I can try to show you the other day in the lobby for you to do some video. NotesĀ¹: Antiochus III, The Great give +2 armour type to all cavalry and Nisean War Horses give +20% Health. With all this you
  5. Yes, is possible, I know but don't remeber how I make. The stances I want know how each one works.
  6. How I attack just womens? Soldiers? Or Structures? How work the differents stances? Agressive, Passive...?
  7. Stronghold Crusade work in this form, but I don't think how made this in 0ad. Veru different system.
  8. I love the stronghold's system. Others things like make your own army with blacksmith is a great idea. @Topic In 0ad I think a granary and stockpile just gathering some % a total resources and other part continue in virtual storage.
  9. I think the damage is good, if I remember 37 piercing damage, but the ranged units now have piercing damage and the cav. are weak for this. The swordman cav can balance this with your rate attack, but for spearmen cav. this isn't possible.
  10. The hard and soft counters are differents, but I don't think are diametrically opposed. I agree with you the soft counter can be more interesting. But in part, in your example the ranged infantary have a good advantage against the spear cav. is very easy make a micro with them you just need aim, but for melee cav it's more dificult. Other thing, it's more interesting you don't know the result (in hard counter, you don't know the result, because you need make more units, you don't just use ranged infantary or cav, you need balance between your units), but know does not matter if I use swordman
  11. I retired a few days, but when I will back go test this.
  12. I think this branch will give more attention for infantary units, but if possible you can give attention for cav too. I don't know if sword cav need nerf or upgrades. But the spearmen cav need modification, without hard counters this units don't have more utility (You can read some considerations of Panando about the spearmen cav here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19421&hl=). Your status is a little above of sword cav, but the great diffenrece is your rate attack, is 2.25 secs. I ask if anyone can test this in SVN, but I think is to easy ranged infantary with micr
  13. Yes, the Elephants are great, when I play with Seleucids I make a lot of them =DD
  14. Actually I play with Romans, it's my preferred civic. When I begin I play with Iberians and after with Maryans, but the Romans conquest me. I play with seleucids sometime ago, but I back with Romans soon. The Romans have a great infantary and siege weapons, it's hard play with them because the cav. are the main units yet, and the romans don't have a good cav, just swordman cav with great cost in late game.
  15. I create this topic how curiosity. What's your main faction? If possible justified your choice. I want make a list with the top 10 of rank and your main civics. What do you think?
  16. The womans are good in early game, but have good and bad points. The main point are talking here, about early attacks. The other is about late game attacks, generaly I see the players puting all your attention in the frontlines. With a good cav, like swordmen cav., you can destroy the economy of your oponent easy, I make this several times in a16, and it's works very well.
  17. I'm talking about you need stop for colect 800 food and wood. I'm using my old BO, but I using your time phasing of 10:30 min. Now, I'm testing this against other players.
  18. Sorry, but racism is racism and and must be fought as such. I Agree in preserve the identity of player until the case will be judge. I agree to with the system for report, it's better and fast. But mute chat isn't a option because of the reasons cited for FeXoR. And yes, we need block for some periods, the players need respect others players and if no, they need to be punished.
  19. Yes, I see the same thing.
  20. Mauryan can perform good for early, mid or later? My idea is make a review more deep. For exemple, in my opinion the Romans has a bad early game, because don't have spearmen for defense against cavalry rushs, don't have an efficient calvary to make a rush, the spearmen cav. have a good attack, but it's very slow, your rate attack is 2.25. The mid game I think it's normal, you open the ranged cav. and spearmen, but don't have any special. The late game is better you have upgrades to more vision, good siege weapons and units. This is little part of my idea, I create a topic to discuss this diffe
  21. Unfortunately this kind of attitude is recurrent in the game. Mainly against people from Latin America. I'm from Brazil and I've been offended by this in the game.
  22. The other nick of him is dicktracy. And I think if you investigat the other guy wil discover somethings like that. He tell samething, but I don't take any print.
  23. Other important thing: the BO can be used by general factions. But the goals for the next Phase are some differents. I can make some rush with Romans in Phase 2, but I don't think it's efective like the Gauls for exemple. The gauls can rush your enemy in Phase I and I belive it's possible finish a match. But with Romans I don't think the same thing. How I discuss with you, maybe the Romans are best for later game and I need think stretegys conquest more territory (I love Romans and love rush and fast games, it's hard tell it). Maybe we can discuss about it. How factions are more strongers for
  24. At moment, I use your BO, I'm trying change somethings. My BO is the samething, but I use less womans, I use 25 womans. When the fruits get over I build 5 farms and begin my soldiers production. After I make 20 soldiers in others I make 40 and click to phasing. When is phasing I put 15 soldiers in Iron and10 in stones, and make more soldiers for wood. My other "BO" it's more a strategy after Phase, my idea is make a lot of swordman and build a CC next my enemy, building 2 barracks to send reforces to attack. The problem is I can't create a balanced betwen melee and ranged units, and ranged cav
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