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Trajan's column

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Hi again

I felt like modeling something else, so I looked to see if there was anything interesting in the eyecandy thread.

Seems like Trajan's column wasn't done yet, so I've started making one.

Might have gone a bit high in polycount, but I'll look closer at that when its more or less finished.

I probably won't be able to finish this until a 2-3 weekends from now, as exams and other deadlines are getting close, but at least its a start.

Added a little bird to the pedestal, and i'm working on the statue on top right now (which is roughly halfway done)


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So I was thinking.. the guy on top isn't actually Trajan.. its Pope Sixtus V (so its from around 1590). I've copied the new statue (as Trajans actual statue is lost), but the book and key is to modern right? Maybe a papyrus roll and a sword or something instead?


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Kind of hard to tell what he was holding there.

I think i'll replace the book with some scroll and maybe keep his other hand empty.

In total, i'm now up at around 2000 triangles. A bit high probably?.

Statue part: 566 triangles

Tower part: 879 triangles

Pedestal: 179 triangles

Bird decoration: 4*96 triangles

Should i try to cut something down?

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Another wip

I don't have time to make a new statue, so i'll just wrap this up and stop there.

Simple to change the statue part. Perhaps have it exchangeable in-game even, with that prop-point thing. I dunno.

I know you won't have time to change it, but that statue looks really bizarre for a monument to conquest. It seems like an old scholar or something, which I'm guessing is not the impression that would have been desired :) I would imagine something more aggressive and imperial.

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I realized i forgot the fence around the top, though I don't know what it would have looked like back then as it has also been replaced.

Perhaps there is some existing art assets which can be copied?

At least for now, I'm leaving this as it is. Feel free to modify it


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