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What 0S Do You Run?


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Currently openSUSE Factory (development 11.2), but I mainly use Ubuntu 9.04 (both OS 64bit).

I also have Windows XP for games (due to vendor Lock-in via DX) but I don't find them useful for anything else and thus don't boot them for other reason.

I have never tried MAC. And I'd like to. But I'm not eager to buy yet another machine.

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I run ubuntu jaunty 100%. I've given up on commercial OS's, you go to buy a cheap windows PC but to play the latest games you need to spend the same about of money or more in upgrades to your memory, video card, etc.. as a standalone MAC. To top it off, I got tired of rebooting all the time for updates, defragging the harddrive, and running antivirus/firewall on windows.

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